A few more photos from X-Men: First Class

Apparently Fox was not thrilled with the release of that first photo and has taken the opportunity to do some damage control. It seems almost instantly after the internetz began releasing their, mostly negative, feedback from the first photo that a torrent of new images, interviews, and a teaser poster have been released to show off what Matt Vaughn and Fox intended to show and hopefully change some minds.

Via FirstShowing.net

I have to admit that these photo’s help re-assure what’s going on behind the scenes with this movie because that Magneto shot just looks awesome. The helmut actually looks a lot better, to me, than the one used in Bryan Singer’s movies. The only thing that trouble’s me are the interviews that have been coupled with the images as it’s being reported that these guys are on a rapid deadline to have the movie ready by summer and seem to be “rushing” through things. I really really hope they have found a better way to incorporate special effects with a tight deadline before we wind up with the “crappy claws” effects we were tortured with in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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12 thoughts on “A few more photos from X-Men: First Class

  1. I think it’s interesting that in one interview about the first picture that hit the net, it was said that those were not the costumes used in the movie, however the costume Magneto is wearing in this set seems to be the exact same as the first image…

  2. I like these photos a little more. I like them in more casual wear, it just looks better than them in their uniforms. The Magneto helmet is too big and ill fitting. It is closer to the original though.

  3. what are you guys complaining about. The outfits look perfect for the era it is in. Most of those actors are perfect for there roles. Ironic you comment about what you do not like on the basis of it goes against what we know in pop references to the original X men…yet your eyes are tainted with what pop media has made you not see.

  4. I like the Magneto shot, but the open space seems too wide. It makes the helmet look too big for him. I imagine it was done that way for comforts sake, but it still looks a little off. Not a deal breaker though.

  5. The last shot was terrible, it reminded me of Shawn Spencer (psych) comically pretending to have mental abilities. The raised eyebrow? Seriously? Also is that Alexander Skarsgard in the second shot? Who does he play?

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