RedBox To Offer Blu-ray Rentals

RedBox has plans of entering the digital world. They want to stay relevant, and compete with the likes of NetFlix, iTunes, etc. But, before doing this, what else can they do to expand their services and gains regarding their kiosks? Well, how about offering the new standard for movies: Blu-rays.

Variety reports:

Redbox is giving Blu-ray rentals a green light. The company, which rents movies for $1 a day through its thousands of kiosks across the country, said it will start stocking Blu-ray discs in its boxes and make the movies available for $1.50 per night. “The Book of Eli,” “Bounty Hunter,” “Brooklyn’s Finest” and “Green Zone” are among the first Blu-ray titles Redbox will offer, with the number of films and copies varying per kiosk. Redbox will supply Blu-ray discs to 13,300 of its kiosks nationwide and plans to make them available to its complete network of 23,000 machines by the fall. Each kiosk holds 630 discs

RedBox should’ve done this a long time ago. But, it seems that they couldn’t proceed with this plan until wrapping up a series of legal disputes with various studios, including Warner Bros., Fox and Universal. Apparently, RedBox has to wait to wait until a film has been available on homevideo for 28 days before it can stock them in its kiosks.

Now that they’ll be offering Blu-rays, are you more inclined on using RedBox? Do you think the pricing is fair enough?

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