New Green Lantern Character Posters

Obviously, it’s easy to see how DC was overshadowed by Marvel at Comic-Con this year. With only The Green Lantern at hand, how can you compete with Marvel’s Captain America, Thor, and of course, The Avengers. Maybe next year, DC will bring it’s power players like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. And what about a JLA film? We can only hope. That being said, here’s some new Green Lantern goodies. Today we get some character posters straight from WB, that include Reynolds, Lively, Strong and Sarsgaard. Each poster includes a piece of the Green Lantern oath.

I like the character posters. They’re pretty cool, thanks in part to including lines of the Green Lantern oath. I’ll really get excited about this film, when we get footage. Please give us a teaser trailer!

What do you guys think? Are we to get scared that WB/DC has only been showing off pictures of Ryan Reynolds in regular clothes, since getting lukewarm reviews of the EW cover?

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4 thoughts on “New Green Lantern Character Posters

  1. First time posting but be gentle :)

    I like the posters and I like the inclusion of the symbol rather than the oath.

    I must say that I was a bit uncertain of Blake Lively taking the leading female role, but after seeing her in other projects than GG, she is a decent actress. Lets hope she doesnt pull a ‘Bosworth’.

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