Nathan Fillion to Play Ant Man?

Back when Joss Whedon was given the comfy chair to direct the Avengers I teased that he might cast some Whedonite Alums. One of which was speculating that Nathan Fillion would play AntMan and now the rumour wheels are spinning tales that it might be close to actually happening! shares the latest rumour:

Nathan Fillion is pretty much locked to be Henry Pym [Ant-Man], and should be announced before any other new additions to the cast (think around Comic Con).
But before you get your hopes raised too high, we’re not completely convinced that this is a completely solid rumor. Especially since the director Edgar Wright told The Playlist Nation that this was all news to him. But like he’d admit it, and spoil the big Comic Con reveal, right…right?

In my post where I guessed Fillion for Pym, I said:

Regardless of whether they use Antman or Giantman, it will be Henry Pym and he will get to make the moves on the Wasp. What girl can resist Fillions charms? Besides that Pym is a broken man with a dependancy on prozak, and Fillion plays flawed in a unique way that it becomes part of his character, not a detraction from it. Pym would be perfect for him.

I am 100% for this if its true. And if it is I am taking full credit!!

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10 thoughts on “Nathan Fillion to Play Ant Man?

  1. PLease PLease we must all will this into existance! I need me some more Mal Reynolds, dude I force myself to watch Castle just cause i need my dose of Nathan Fillion, if he gets to be a marvel soop i needs it.

  2. I’m pretty sure you’re willing this into existence Rodney. You’re right, though, he is perfect for the role. He and Whedon work well together. This makes too much sense not to happen.

  3. I hope he is GiAnt Man and they use both abilities in the movie.
    This would be a great casting choice. after he wasnt cast as green lantern i lost hope for him being a super hero, but i think this would be a perfect alternative over lantern.

  4. I have no problem with this. Zero. Fillion would be good as Pym- and the best thing about it is that the character didn’t know where to fit in as “a super hero”- being most effective not as Giant Man, Yellowjacket or Ant-Man..but as “Pym”. A normal looking guy in street clothes, using his particle dust to throw on to a pair of dice (for example) and they become giant blocks.

    The Ant-Man helmet could still be in play so he could communicate with insect armies, or communicate with other people (they may not hear him when he’s shrunk down to the size of a thumbtack)

    Yes, it may step on Wright’s toes…or does it? There’s nothing that says Pym could “train” Scott Lang Ant-Man.

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