Weekend Boxoffice Report May 14th-16th

Iron Man 2 proves it has the staying power for at least one extra week to hold the top spot beating out the underdog Robin Hood, but Hood took a bite out of what Iron Man 2 could have made this week, even if it didn’t do so great on its own.

Tribute Reports:

Iron Man 2 $53,000,000 – 2wks
Robin Hood – $37,110,000 – Opening
Letters to Juliet – $13,750,000 – Opening
Just Wright – $8,500,000 – Opening
How to Train Your Dragon – $5,120,000 – 8wks

With more than half of the top 5 being openers, the Summer Season is proving to be leaving behind all the Spring hits. But How to Train Your Dragon is still clinging on to that firth spot refusing to go quietly.

I was surprised to see that Robin Hood didn’t give Iron Man 2 a better run for its money. I didn’t suspect it was going to win out on top as the critics are panning it hard. Its not a terrible movie, but it wasn’t great. However this dramatic drop in Iron Man’s boxoffice means it isn’t likely to set as many records as its predacessor did.

What did you get out to see this weekend?

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Boxoffice Report May 14th-16th

  1. I really wanted tp see Robin Hood but just couldnt swing the time. I will see it for sure this weekend.

  2. I was very disappointed in Iron Man 2, and I didn’t even have incredibly high expectations going in. I just wanted a fun action flick. The lackluster, anti-climatic ending killed the whole experience for me.

  3. I saw Robin Hood and was disappointed. The action scenes were well done, but it took a while for the plot to get started. Plus it was way too long. I also saw Iron Man 2 and really enjoyed it, despite its flaws.

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