Megan Fox too skinny for Transformers 3?

Another chapter in the “Megan Fox vs Michael Bay” saga. The new bit? Apparently Fox quit Transformers 3 because she was sick of Bay’s requirements. It is said that Bay wasn’t happy with Fox’s figure and that when she came back to start shooting, he was still not happy.

Cinema Blend says:

The Wrap however has a different theory and though it seems kind of hard to swallow, they claim she left because Michael Bay thinks she’s ugly. According to their sources when she showed up on the set Michael Bay thought she looked too “pale” and was “underweight” and looked too “unhealthy”. They say she was a size 0 when she came to work and Bay wanter her a little thicker, around 2 or 4. Bay sent her off to work on her look, and when she came back he was still unhappy. That pissed Megan off and she quit.

Ok ok ok. First off, Bay is the man in charge here. So if he decided this, then so be it. He’s the one directing and managing this wealthy and awesome franchise. I personally, don’t think this is the real reason behind all the sexy robot drama. I personally would like to think that they just don’t get along, and Bay just really wants to pursue some other road regarding Shia’s story. That’s the end of it. Fox should say thanks, and everyone move on.

Now, why doesn’t this make sense? Well, because if that’s the real reason, then Bay turning around and casting Victoria Secret model, Rosie Huntington-Whitley, doesn’t make sense at all. Nothing personal against the pretty lady, but she’s a skinny little white girl. In almost all the pictures I’ve seen so far, she totally fits the supermodel tag – anorexically skinny. So again, if this is true, then Bay I ask you this: If Fox is skinny, pale and underweight…then that makes your new girl Rosie what?

Regardless of what’s the real reason – Bay, please get on it! We all await Transformers 3.

PS – Acting chops aside, I personally think Fox is way hotter (in every sense) than Rosie. What do you guys think?

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21 thoughts on “Megan Fox too skinny for Transformers 3?

  1. I also think Fox is hotter and agree with everything written. If she is too skinny why hire another anorexic skinny Vic Secrets model?

    Just doesnt add up.

    1. Yea, her ass cheeks would be the new and improved “Twins.” They’d fly out of her pants in a time of danger. And they’d like grow wings, and fly through the air with Aerialbots

    2. Y’know what? You may be onto something there. (Don’t take that too literally)

      I’d actually cast Fergie myself.
      (yes- wouldn’t that be funny, having Josh see her smooch Shia? Haha)

  2. Rosie, no acting experience, first time acting, and just hot. She’ll fit well in the movie. It’s not like Megan Fox was a good actor. She was something to look/stare at.

  3. I don’t think it matters either way. Doesn’t look like either can act and at the rate this is going I’d be surprised if I go see Transformers 3 in the theaters or at all.

    The 2nd one was awful and I don’t see this anyone looking any better.

    1. You have seen ANYTHING from Transformers 3?

      Oh right, you are just assuming because you didnt like 2.

      So what happens if they show a trailer and it looks good? Will you compare that to the wealth of information you know about TF3?

      Don’t jump to conclusions. You can have your own anticipation, but its always good to have something to base it on other than “the last one was bad”

      1. I don’t think chris was talking about the content of TF3, rather the pre-production process. They are having some trouble getting their act together. That being said, I can’t remember many films that had a poor 2nd showing and a great thrid. Infact things usually trend downwards, see spiderman for a prime example.

  4. What I keep hearing is that there was a whooooooole lot more to the situation that what has been reported in the media.

    Most of what I’m hearing points to Megan being a bit of a Diva and that’s what led to her either being fired or allowed to walk away. Now, I should say that I think Megan Fox is just absolutely smoking hot, but c’mon… girl CANNOT act… at all!

    While I don’t think Rosie is as attractive as Megan, she definitely looks less trashy and more in Shia’s league. If it’s true that even Spielberg was impressed with her audition, then I’m willing to give her a chance before judging her. And hey, some of the best actresses working today started as models.

    1. You saying she can’t act? I would say its partially true (i’d say shes good at acting like she really is, being a “diva” as one person posted), but the transformers role was a standout for her. I think her leaving is partially a deal breaker for the movie. I am a little skeptical on whether or not the movie’s performance will be altered without her presence.

  5. “PS – Acting chops aside, I personally think Fox is way hotter (in every sense) than Rosie. What do you guys think?”

    I am going to go out on a limb and say Rosie probably has hotter thumbs. So Fox can’t be hotter in every way. Are thumbs that important? Well I can think of at least one thing that they can be important for but I will let you use your imagination to figure that one out.

    But fox getting replaced is a fitting conclusion to the long drawn out war of words between her and Bay. Maybe she will go on to do bigger movies, but I hope not. I hope her career will be over after this.

    Bay could be an asshole but she should have still known her place. I’m sure there are much bigger actors that had problems with directors that didn’t say anything. If for no other reason, it is unprofessional.

      1. YES!!!!

        There int’l friends—did you read that!
        Rodney is right on the money!

        I KNEW Megan Fox was good for something- hitchhikin’ and putting up thumbtacks. Not to mention one of those thumbs is green- she’s got to plant her special herbs in a lovely garden, you know…

        I know.
        I’m a bad guy…

    1. If you saw Fox in person, you wouldnt be talkin all that shit about her thumbs. Who gives a shit? Some lonely envious lil girl brought that to everybody’s attention and it really doesnt fuckin matter. I mean out of ALL the things on a woman, you have to target her THUMBS??! SERIOUSLY???!! WHAT??!! Gimme a break. that girl is so ridiculously fuckin hot its insane. Was at a restaurant and she walked in and good GOD. I didnt even think it was her. I thought “is that Megan Fox? na she’s hotter” then I realized, na that girl is just that good looking. Stop denying the truth.

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