Heidi Montag’s Transformer 3 Audition Tape

Since the talk of the town seems to be about this whole Megan Fox and Michael Bay business, I decided to share a little video I bumped into this afternoon. If you don’t know who Heidi Montag is, then it’s probably for the best. In Any case she’s one of the girls brought to fame by The Hills TV show. Apparently she had made an audition tape for Michael Bay in hopes to replace Megan Fox. So here it is, enjoy!

Now I’m no expert in Audition Tapes, but I’m pretty sure some acting is usually required. Also, how bad-ass would it have been if she was twirling two pistols in hand and shooting moving targets.

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8 thoughts on “Heidi Montag’s Transformer 3 Audition Tape

  1. i’m sold. “this is for you Micheal Bay” clak clak clak clak!

    this clip pretty much pwned megan fox’s entire screen time in both movies combined.

  2. Considering that we are talking Transformers, did her requirements really require her to “act”? We know the name, and what her claim to fame is – so hats off to the Transformers crew…in letting us know that they aren’t all a bunch of yahoo’s.

    Granted, they still cast a Victoria Secret model, but if nothing else, Heidi just comes with, sorry for this in advance- “excess baggage”

    I know. I’m a meanie.
    But I speak the truth, and nothing but.

  3. This video would actually be worth watching if she’d shot herself in the leg or something. Montag is the worst kind of celebrity, she as no worth whatsoever. Then again I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t make the Transformers franchise worse than it is anyway. By casting her Bay would finaly acknowledge the fact that the whole thing is a joke. If we’re lucky maybe we’ll get Shia with swinging monkeys robots in the 3rd one!!!!!

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