Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time Trailer

There is a new trailer up for “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”, and I’ve got to tell ya I think it sucks. This movie looks HORRIBLE. I’ve been really excited about this project with high hopes that a video game movie may actually work… but those hopes took a HUGE dip after watching this.

Now keep in mind… this is just a trailer. The movie may end up working just fine… I’m just saying it doesn’t look like it right now. Take a look and judge for yourself:

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108 thoughts on “Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time Trailer

  1. Come on you guys this trailer cant be that bad. I for one was really hoping they would do a good job with this movie.

    And I am only half wrong. What the story is lacking in Plot, they make up for it in with amazing visuals and an entertainment value.

    That’s really all I look for in a movie, The Entertainment Value. i.e. Uwe Bull’s movies (Aweful!) but entertaining.

  2. That trailer looked awesome. Way better than any crap that came out this past year besides District 9 and Star Trek. Looks like a good time like the first Mummy movie or the first Pirates movie.

  3. I have to admit, I’m not blown away by the trailer, but I’m still excited to see this when it releases. I’m a huge fan of the PoP trilogy this movie is based on, and while they’ve retained the look and overall feel of the games, the biggest thing that concerns me is the inclusion of side characters who seem to serve as little more than comic relief. In the games, there is roughly only four or five characters who get speaking roles which keeps the story centered around the main protagonist and his struggle to seal the sands of time once and for all, but here we have the fat comedic tag-along, the strong African bodyguard and Badguy McImadouche. While it’ll probably make more sense in the movie, one of the best parts about the game was the prince’s inner monologues and lack of needless characters.

    I’m pretty excited that Harry Gregson-Williams is doing the original score. Maybe we’ll get some hollywood remixes of the game’s original soundtrack?

  4. i’m not sure what’s going on here. many people are quick to jump on the thought that this movie sucks and have a some strange pre-conceived notion even through watching this trailer, that since it’s a video game movie it’ll suck (or perhaps since john said so?).

    i don’t see anything “horrible” in this trailer. actually it looks quite promising. this a bruckheimer/disney film. it’s sure to have some great aspects.

    what exactly is your problem with this? the only thing i didn’t like what gyllenhaal’s accent. what are you expecting? it’s a prince of persia film.

  5. I don’t think it looks “HORRIBLE”, but I will admit it doesn’t look any where near as good as I thought it would :( It seems like Jake Gyllenhall got acting tips from Orlando Bloom for this movie.

    1. I was against jake as being wasn’t a huge fan of gemma arteson,being that i only vaguely remeber her in Quantum of solace.But this movie does seem like it has captured whati remeber from the video i’m a major fan of the pop series.

  6. I am going to agree with John for once. This looks really terrible. I hope I am wrong, but this looks like it has so much cheese in it I could dip my nachos in it.

  7. I have never played the game but I think the trailer looks really interesting and appealing. I will definately check this out…the visuals look amazing!
    As for trying to go for the PotC path…those movies were awesome. The only thing that scarred them was the forced loved story…and that looks to be the only weakness for PoP so far as seen in the trailer.

  8. This looks no different than the million other summer blockbuster films that come out every summer. I don’t see how this looks “worse” than any of those type of films. Not that I had intentions of seeing this anyways…I’ll skip this like I did the rest of the Pirates films, transformer films, and harry potter films.

  9. Ok, first, I think it looks decent. Second, to the person who asked why he has that accent – if you played the game you would know exactly why. Third, if you haven’t seen 13th Warrior check it out. Antonio Banderas plays an arab and he’s hispanic. One of my favorite action flicks. He does a great job. I can only assume JG will hopefully try to do the same.

    I’m looking forward to this. Hey, if they are trying to make it into PotC why not? It would be great to finally have a franchise created from a video game.

  10. Maybe I am biased because of the video game, but I think the trailer looks great. Jake Gyllenhaal looks badass. And about Ben Kingsley, I really don’t like him. He’s a oscar winner but his performance in some movies are simply terrible.

  11. I think this looks like it has potentiol to be good, maybe not great but certainly not “horrible” – and by the way John, I started following this blog daily because I used to greatly respect the way you presented your opinions constructively, but I’ve been very disappointed lately with posts that remind me more of forum trolls than those of an experienced blogger.

    A few observations I wanna make about this trailer… Firstly, I can’t find anything wrong with Jake’s british accent. It sounds like a typical North London / Hertfordshire regional accent (I should know, I live there :P)

    Secondly, the set pieces and action scenes in this look great. It’s obviously an eye-candy flick, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to suck as hard as GI Joe and Transformers.

    And lastly, after looking up the first POTC trailer on Youtube, I actually think the PoP Trailer beats it by a mile. Sure, trailers are cut to look better than the film actually is, but in this case I think POTC was better than the trailer teased it to be (they showed the cheesiest lines in that trailer, like Keira Knightly’s line about wearing a corset, etc)…

    I’m not ruling out the possibility that this could be a surprisingly great movie, but I just don’t see what all the negative fuss is about just from watching one trailer.

    1. i guess we can say that “don’t judge a trailer by it’s sfx” lolz. i hope the plot and story are solid, not like “accidentally triggered his navigational system” crap, pfft! really? i mean really?? but surprisingly those same writers did write for star trek which was awesome. weird.

    2. A few other points to observe… Mike Newell is no Michael Bay or Stephen Sommers.

      He directed Four Weddings and a Funeral, so I think he can handle directing the comedy and firtacious banter in this film.

      He also directed Goblet of Fire, which took the Harry Potter franchise to a more mature level and was probably the only film of that series that I can say I was truly impressed with. It had a deep, rich and emotional story arc that I wasn’t expecting at all.

      To be honest, for me the only real big question mark for this film are the writers. Relatively unknown and untested – if the script was bad, the director always has the power to iron out the creases and make the film the way he wants it. In this case, that may be a good thing.

  12. To be honest it looks pretty typical for a BIG hollywood action/adventure movie.
    Don’t think it looks any worse or better than the pirate films or transformers.

  13. UUUUUUH Are you OUT of your freakin MIND???!! This trailer was AMAZING!! GOD DUDE!! Sometimes I REALLY wanna know what’s going through your head. Okay, it’s cool if you don’t like something BUT if you are going to just BASH it, please…pretty pretty pretty PLEASE back it up. That’s all.

  14. Yeah doesn’t look horrible, but doesn’t look good… the words “From Jerry Bruckheimer”; “Producer of Pirates of the Caribbean” didn’t help either…

  15. that girl is hot. Wasn’t she the redhead in Quantum of Solace? She makes a great brunette too. It’s funny though, she never shut up through the whole trailer. I hope she doesn’t gab that much in the movie.

    All in all, the trailer is fine. The movie will be fine. Not great. I would say the worst thing it has going for it is the abundance of over the top special effects. But maybe spread out over a couple hours it will be ok.

  16. im usually the 1st one against video game movies, but this looks like fun…i think it looks no worse than the last transformers flick…looks pretty like the pirates flick…what dont u like about it john??

    1. you better wait till Chinese accents catch on. Thats gonna be so big, your gonna have white actors playing roles as persions speaking with Chinese accents. its be historically inaccurate and completely unappealing to any movie goer with any sense. But i betchu the Disney is gonna be behind it the entire way!!!

  17. I think more people should watch the trailer and then read John’s opinions. This way you get to make up your own mind before going in and expecting it to suck. I’m not saying everyone just goes along with what ever john says and can’t make up their own mind. It just seems to be a trend that whatever John or Rodney says seems to be the general consensus in the replies.

    I thought it looked decent. I like the fact that they incorporated his “free running” from the games. Though the climbing the arrows up a stone wall was a bit much. It seems like it captured the mood of the game though. So I think it will be fun. At least it should be better then GI Joe was. Should be a good adventure film.

    1. I gotta agree. Too much “Yeah, John, looks like shit”. However, they REALLY could think it’s shit..we dunno.

      That being said, I can see why you might not like it, but I liked some of the fight scenes. I think the drama in between will slow it down too much.

      1. Yeah I know. They probably do think it looks like crap. But you gotta wonder how many of them would of thought the same had John said it looks amazing.

        Also you said “why you might not like it”. If you meant me. I thought it looked good. Especially the fight scenes. Like i said before it looks like a fun adventure film. Probably won’t win and awards but who cares about that stuff really.

      2. HORRIBLE? really? No way. I think the trailer looks pretty good. I mean obviously the actual movie could end up being good or really bad at this point, but the trailer portrays it as a fun blockbuster. Maybe it’s because I have a weak spot for Prince of Persia since I still remember playing the first 2d game as a kid. I don’t think the movie will be a great work of cinema, but it looks like a fun summer flick. I’m looking forward to it.

        So I agree Rob – watch the trailer first. I saw it before I even saw this posting.

      3. @ Rob

        No, I meant John when I said I can see why he thinks it might look like shit – we got a movie that DOES look like it combined elements of The Mummy (I liked) with Lara Croft Tomb Raider (meh).

        I’m not a big drama fan :-\ but I’m pretty forgiving, so I hope this movie does well.

        Again, really like the lore behind the sand. Awesome.

  18. I think it just looks ok, it had some good and bad elements. I didn’t like the scenes that had the love interest in them. The action looked good, but the humor in the trailer just fell flat for me.

  19. i think it looks amazingly close to the game, and it even have concept mixtures of all 4 games. pretty wicked. the game itself have a decent story behind it too, so maybe story-wise it could be fun to watch, and above all, no uwe boll! lol


    the trailer looks weak and its based on a video game.. so all signs points to “disaster”. but then again POTC was based on a disney ride lol. i dunno im hoping that the movie is good so we can all break away from the curse of uwe boll. :) Halo anyone?

  20. I’m actually Persian, and from the moment Jakey was announced as “the prince” I was turned off by this movie. I loved the games but seriously, not a single Persian in the entire freakin’ movie? Its LA, not finding a Persian there is likely throwing a rock into the ocean and not hitting water.

    I was happy about Sir Ben Kingsley in it. If you saw “House of Sand and Fog”, he did an amazing job in that movie and I truly felt like he was Iranian/Persian. He looked, spoke, and his mannerisms reminded me of people I knew. I didn’t see enough of him to see if he pulled this off.

    2 things about the dialogue: first, they didn’t even try to get the word pronounced correctly. “Dastan”, supposed to be long “a” sounds so it sounds like more like “Daaastaaan”. The word means “story” in farsi. Get it? There’s supposed to be a little layering with the name.

    Second, English accents???!!? WTF?! Movies have taught us that the english apparently started the empire, killed the jedi (although some of the jedi were english). Additionally, ancient egyptians, ancient romans, ancient greeks (sometimes), and now ancient persian all spoke with english FREAKIN accents. What a rich culture they must have, which lead them to produce the spice girls.

    1. LOL! Totally agree with you–I speak Parsi/Farsi fluently, totally get the point about “Dastaan” :-D

      Hahaha…..The Spice Girls…..hahaha…..

  21. Guess its easier to start not liking a movie based off a video game. If anything I feel it would be on par or better than Tomb Raider. However, the movie looks much better than Street Fighter, and it’s fun too see some things that relate to the games without looking cheesey.

  22. Wait, really?

    Wow, I’m really surprised you didn’t like that trailer…I’m also surprised other people share your opinion.

    I think the movie looks great. It seems to capture the feel of the game quite well. Ok…so Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t Persian but…whatever…

    John, I’m curious to know why you think it looks horrible.

    1. Dude, it looks awful.

      The reason the plot for the game was so good was because the concept of the passing of time and it’s manipulation wasn’t just a gimmick; it was a central theme that drove the story’s sequence of events.

      When you strip all that away, you’ve got nothing but the gimmick.

      If that trailer is in any way an indication of the film’s plot, it’s definitely going to suck. And if it does, I swear that someday I will write a faithful adaptation of that brilliant game, rather than a brainless cash-in, which is what this clearly is.

      Gosh, I’m mad at the sheer ignorance of the people that made this. I just hope I’m wrong.

  23. Hey everyone look, Assasins creed meets the scorpion king meets Jake gyllenhaal. I really had no desire to see it and now i just have less can’t wait to see what “buzz” starts about this terrible looking flick.

  24. Not familiar with the game. Is the main character in the game Persian? JG couldn’t look less Persian.

    At face value it looks kind of fun, but again I am not familiar with the game.

    1. As the title suggests, the main character is the Prince of Persia…..there’re loads of magical elements like Time Travel (using the Sands of Time–too complicated to explain!), semi-flying, mythical monstors, etc…..amazing game.

      1. Hey, you guys should check out the trailer of Ninja Assassin–haven’t seen mention of that film on TMB, but that movie looks freakin’ AWESOME!

        It’s directed by McTeigue, the same bloke who directed “V for Vendetta”…..

      2. I Ninja Assassin trailer & it looks friggin’ awesome.

        Oh, and I just checked Jackie Earle Haley’s[Rorschac] IMDB page and saw that he is credited as Sinestro in the Green Lantern film[not rumored]. Did he really get the job?

  25. Is it just me or did it feel like the love interest narrated the entire trailer? And, setting aside the fact that Jakey is clearly not of Middle Eastern descent, why are they having him do a fake British accent? Ugh, this looks terrible.

    Weak villain, confusing plot, endless CGI, dull setpieces, and cliched banter. Sounds like Disney has another Race to Witch Mountain on its hands.

      1. Come on! Dead Man’s Chest was the best of the lot!

        Having said that (I just watched the trailer again), the graphics in the games outshine the CGI in the film :-S

        Not cool…..

  26. one of the opening sequences is such a rip off of Assassins Creed, Eagle Vison… they gave away soo much in the trailer… it was sad… if they would jsut gave a teaser with one or 2 scenes, that wouldve been great but no, they really overdid it.

      1. Nobody wants an Assassin’s Creed movie. It’d be even less interesting than what these idiots did to Prince Of Persia.

        Assassin’s Creed is a GAME about PLAYING A GAME about an assassin that KILLS ONE GUY AFTER ANOTHER. There’s not a single review of the game that doesn’t mention how monotonous and repetitive it is. How are you possibly going to take that and make a faithful adaptation without it sucking big time?

        Very few games would make good movies. Sands Of Time is one of those games, only it’s been totally screwed up. I hate it. But Assassin’s Creed? That’s reaching.

      2. i think assassins creed would be easy to do because it is so repetitive so you can just be completely original with story but use the character location etc from the game

      3. “i think assassins creed would be easy to do because it is so repetitive so you can just be completely original with story but use the character location etc from the game”

        Dude, that was my point. If the main character looked just a little different from Altair and had a different name, it wouldn’t necessarily even have to be called Assassin’s Creed. There’s no wy to make a faithful adaptation because there’s nothing to really be faithful to.

      4. It wouldn’t have to be completely based off the game. Screw the reviews. Although it did get repetitive, the game is still amazing and groundbreaking. The new game is gonna be rediculous.

        The thing about assassins creed is, that the series itself isn’t held down by a specific storyline, as least the flashbacks. The fans wont get pissed off if the characters assassin isn’t Altair or Ezio, beucase they know the story can revole around just about any character.You can pretty much write whatever story you want for the assasins being that there were so many of them and there were so many stories you can tell. All you need is a good writer.

        The actions already there, just needs a solid story.

  27. I think it looks better than the early gi joe trailers we saw. My problem is, in a movie called Prince of Persia, made in 2009, Why weren’t there any middle eastern people in that trailer? C’mon not even the guy from lost is in there.

      1. Mate, his name is Naveen Andrews :-) You’re right about the rest of the stuff :-D

        I agree, the trailer doesn’t look too good, but the game is one of my all-time favorites–I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed…..

    1. Well, Persian is Iranian, and they actually classified ‘white’. In fact, they are ‘Aryans’, which lead us to the reason why they changed their name from Persia to ‘Iran’.

      Anyway, this trailer is not that bad from my point of view, although I still not interested on the movie, though.

  28. For one, it’s a video game movie…by definition it has to be bad.

    Secondly, it looks like like are grasping at the coattails of (PotC; and NOT the good ones) to build this into a franchise.

    1. You’re right. It’s not based on the game at all. The game had a way, way better plot. It’s disgusting what they’ve done to it. I just hope that the trailer is highly misleading.

      1. How is this not based on the game?

        Would it have been better if 90 percent of the movie was the prince running around alone trying to solve puzzles that will open doors for him?

        I think the girl talked way too much but otherwise I saw pretty much everything I would hope to see in a Prince of Persia movie. I don’t expect this to be a great film but I should at least be entertained.

      2. Clearly, you haven’t played Sands of Time.

        I posted this as a reply to another comment below:

        “The reason the plot for the game was so good was because the concept of the passing of time and it’s manipulation wasn’t just a gimmick; it was a central theme that drove the story’s sequence of events.

        When you strip all that away, you’ve got nothing but the gimmick.

        If that trailer is in any way an indication of the film’s plot, it’s definitely going to suck. And if it does, I swear that someday I will write a faithful adaptation of that brilliant game, rather than a brainless cash-in, which is what this clearly is.”

  29. I can already see the Halloween Costumes being ordered for delivery to Target just like all the Pirates I’ve seen over the last few years. Let the marketing begin.

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