An American Werewolf In London Remake

Without question and hands down my favorite horror film of all time is EASILY “An American Werewolf in London“. I mean holy hell… I still can’t watch that movie by myself in the dark. The “sequel” (and I use that term loosely) was just pathetic, but it in no way detracts from my love of the original. And no matter how bad the remake is… the original is still there and still in tact.

Yes you read that right. Dimensions has purchased the rights from John Landis to do a remake of “An American Werewolf In London”. The good folks over at Bloody Disgusting give us this:

John Landis has sold the remake rights for An American Werewolf In London to Dimension Films. As Halloween II makes its way into theaters, the Weinstein brothers are hard at work at getting the Hellraiser remake off the ground and now will be retelling the story of two American tourists in England who are attacked by a werewolf that none of the locals will admit exists.

I’m all for remakes in general… and even though I think this one has little to no chance of being anywhere near as good as the original, I hope that people will be moved to check out the John Landis classic when they hear about this incarnation. Here’s the trailer for the original:

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34 thoughts on “An American Werewolf In London Remake

  1. I totally love werewolf movies. Dog Soldiers being my favorite, but I also very much love An American Werewolf in London. I am intreaged to see what they will do with the remake of An American Werewolf in London, but I dont think it will be nearly as good as the original. Through my experience with watching werewolf movies, either the movie is amazing, or a total flop.

  2. The end of The Wolfman 2010 had some similarities to AAWIL and the ending was left open. Could this be the sequel to a new AAWIL because we never found out the origin of the original werewolf that bit David or why there was something wrong with East Proctor. A remake could answer these questions, bring it on it’s got to be brilliant if it keeps a similar theme.

  3. this is going to be super freaking awesome!!! a remake with all the digital technology helllllllllllllllll yeahhhhhh!!!! CANT FRIGGIN WAIT!!!!
    The original will always be the better one but I simply cant wait to see the massive improvements.

  4. when i saw this movie i was about 7…(im 14 now)and it obviously made me sssshit myself. i pretty much grew up loving this movie and also being shit scared of werewolves at the same time i also watched Paris a few weeks later. and again..shat myself, but it wasnt as good as London. when i got a bit older i watched it again so i could understand it better and i noticed besides all the scariness its also a top movie and it will always be my number 1 horror. All i hope for this remake is that its gory as ever, the transformation scene is as sweet as the original and that they don’t kill the movie like most remakes do..

  5. I kinda feel about this movie as John does about “Halloween”, except not even to the same level as he does.

    This movie is not scary (sorry guys), I’ve only seen it once and never really had the desire to see it again. It was good, don’t get me wrong, and I get why people love it (I guess) but I’ve never felt strongly about this movie. I can personally take it or leave it.

    With that said, I think this remake is a HORRIBLE idea but not a surprising one. I for one will not be viewing it and I do believe this will be dumbed down for the kids. Leave the original alone – it was fine on its own. We don’t need to see another version that’s made for the younger crowd.

  6. Did i hear someone slate Harry Potter?? Leave Harry alone man, i am working on number 7 and he is the king!! Only kidding, but wait for Greyback, he looks pretty cool.

    Anywasys, where was i? Oh yeah….why is it that we know already that this remake will be horrible. I am usually extremely against judging before you have seen something, but there is no way it will compare to the original. Just look at the sequel, as john pointed out.

    So what i want to ask is, do you think there can be a remake that will be better than the original?

  7. Let’s be honest doesnt really have much of a chance of being good. Rob Zombie somehow managed to make his remakes visceral still but for the most part, the movie going crowd are kids and young adults. Its more likely that this film is made in a pg13 fashion to bring them in and that sucks because the films imagery and dark humor is impossible to recreate. Landis im sure got a good chunk of change for this, hopefully he’ll use it to make another great film.

  8. the original is considered a classic
    because of course the now classic
    transformation scene i like to

    think an hope this scene was inspired
    by lon chaney jr’s classic the wolf man
    when he transformed its just a modern
    take on it at least at the time and the
    girl who played the nurse in the original
    diffently hot back then

    the nazi dream scene was i think john’s
    feelings about how he felt about the nazi’s
    and what they must of looked and acted through the eyes of a lot of people during the war jews especially

    as far as the remake its no big surprise to
    hear about another remake from hollyweird
    the only way if this really does get done is
    do it old school effects wise no cgi like the sequel

    and i believe the remakes are being
    done is because their is no more originality
    in hollyweird and the original stuff that is being made which is not much these days is not very good at all

    making remakes is nothing new this
    has been going on for manys yrs.
    in hollyweird

    for example the ten commanments with charlie heston…remake the original was a slient film
    made back in the twenties maybe early thirtys so if it has been going on that long (remakes)i don’t see hollyweird stopping anytime soon

    that’s just the way it goes …….

  9. I have a feeling that they will cgi the hell out of this remake. The effects from the first one were great! Scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. And the nighmare scene with the Nazi demom/werewolves that he has killing his family. Couldn’t sleep well for weeks! I say if they add the element of something stalking the victims could definately add some fear. And don’t make it into a friggin gore fest like saw and hostel. Guts and massive amounts of blood is not scary, just grotesque.

    1. ah ya when they came into the house like a episode of cops…that shit was crazy…..the original was pretty fucking gory though for what was poppin off those days…..loved when he was in the theatre lol

  10. Very interesting to see the original trailer, thanks for posting it.

    I don’t watch horror/scary movies in general, but this is an exception

    The original was the first scary movie I saw(I hesitate to call it “horror”)I saw it at the drive in even, remeber those. It’s also the first movie I have a solid memory of seeing (I was six).

    That dream/flashback scene with the guns masks still fucks with me every time.

    Ther is no way they can top the origina for me, but I bet the special effect in the “transformation” will kick ass.

  11. I think Dog Soldiers managed to convey the scary side and the realism that is needed to pull off a Werewolf movie. I could be wrong but from memory the budget was pretty low as well. So whatever John does please don’t let it be a Star wars 1,2,3 (the ones that don’t exist) size mistake and over use CGI, pretty please!

  12. Movie lovers tremble with fear.

    The line has been crossed.

    We are drawing very close to having a Back to the Future remake…

    God help us all.

  13. The only movies that ive ever seen that made werewolves that i found believable and realistic were Van Helsing and Underworld….EVERY OTHER movie that has werewolves in it FAILED at making werewolves…ESPECIALLY harry potter…that was a fucking mouse with herpes, not a werewolf
    And New Moon…WTF??????? Those are dogs
    Old movies of course look fake but thats understandable hence the lack of technology and CGI but lately ive noticed movies dont fucking know how to make cool werewolves
    Arent they making a wolfman movie? That wolf also looked fucking lame
    And im not just saying that to be a douche
    I mean it looks SO LAME

    If they do make this hopefully they can get some sort of decent looking werewolf

    1. “The only movies that ive ever seen that made werewolves that i found believable and realistic were Van Helsing and Underworld”

      really cause there sure look fake and cgi made to me….to the point where i look at van helsing and go wow… can a movie like A L I E N S and AWiL be so good and movies like hellsing be allowed to be anything more then garbage…hazmat i understand that a little fantasy is good but man u take it to another level for that quote.

    2. Hey man thats cool, i just personally like those wolves =]

      Cmon, they were fucking badass

      Im just saying those wolves would destroy any other wolves from any other movie if they were to fight one on one

      The ones that dont look CGIish look like shit because you can SEE the guy with fur makeup on his face, they look like the guy that had pubes in his face from Jackass 2

  14. LOL, I knew this was going to happen, was just a matter of time.

    An American Werewolf In London is one of the all time horror classics and probably THE best werewolf movie EVER. It’s also one of the few horror movies that has good comedic humor mixed in it, but the humor didn’t drown out the horror or take away from it at all, because the horror was so powerful and intense.

    I personally feel if they can’t capture this in the remake, then forget it.

  15. I would have thought H’wood would go for a remake of The Howling, but I s’pose whatever folks can get their greasy fingers on…

    I wonder how this will be remade- with or without the dark humor? I wonder if there will be casting of Steve Carrell in the Griffin Dunne role (I hope I didn’t give anyone a crazy idea)…because werewolves aside, ghosts of rotting dead friends cracking morbid jokes made the film. Aside from patients screwing their hot nurses, that is.

    But there is hope. Think it over- there is no way in hell this remake can be even close to a PG-13. Not with our hero turning into a vicious wolf, taking heads, mauling guts, eating flesh…and then waking up butt naked and having to streak in a zoo! Not when the dude has nightmares of crazy guys mowing down little kiddies with submachine guns!

    And CGI the transformation? Yes, that would be a no-brainer, but alas, that’s what the lame Paris flick did, and it was shit. That’s what Van Helsing did a few years ago and it was shit. It’s not Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans which was actually kind of good, but folks…friends… there is only one wolf!

    Cameos include Jenny Agutter, Dunne, and David Naughton drinking a Dr. Pepper.

    Dimension is better making Cursed II, but that’s something else.


  16. An America Werewolf In London goes down as one of my favorite films of all time. The werewolf transformation scene is still creepy as hell and still looks outstanding. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against remakes, but there is no way a remake could capture the magic that the first one had. John Landis is the man, and without the man, your left with nothing, but another werwolf film.

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