Star Trek Nearly Beats Angels And Demons

Well I knew it would be close. The other days I put up a post suggesting it was possible that Star Trek, in its second week could beat out Angels and Demons at the box office this past weekend. I did say “I wouldn’t put money on it”, but all the signs pointed towards the possibility… and man it was close.

Angels and Demons (on its opening weekend) just barely squeaked out a box office win over Star Trek (in its second week). Angels and Demons made a disappointing $48 million (great numbers for most movies… but when the first film made almost $78 million on its opening weekend you can’t see it any other way than a let down). While Star Trek only dropped about 40% to pull in $43 million.

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35 thoughts on “Star Trek Nearly Beats Angels And Demons

    1. Well, even if it doesnt make 300 million “here”, it doesnt matter, dollars count no matter were they come from, and AA&DD made 150 million in just one weekend.

      If the movies takes in “just” 150 Million in the US, and 250 million internationally, then its at 400 million, and it will be profitable. I dont think those numbers are a far stretch, are they?

  1. I am waiting for this movie though I am not a fans of STAR TREK series.,, the trailer tease me to watch it., can’t wait for the movie played in indonesia…

    hmmm… is ANGELS and DEMONS really that suck? I am curious

  2. John,
    Back to your comment about the marketing for a movie. From what I’ve read, the marketing is not reall considered the bottom line of the movie thats why some directors and producers in the past have not been happy the way the marketing of a movie was done by the studio, the one that comes to mind that was the worst was the way Warner Brothers did nothing for The Iron Giant which, IMO, is one of greatest animated movies of all time.

    1. I agree, but it is still a part of the expense of the film.

      The studio pays for it… but guess where that money comes from? It has to be paid. So when a movie literally costs 100 million to make, and $80 million to market, then $100 million at the box office does’t break anyone even. $180 million was paid in the process of getting that film to the screen, and until that number is reached (after expenses and theaters cut) they haven’t broken even yet.

    1. Nope… you’re wrong. A 5 second win is considered very close in a marathon. Which proved my point.

      “Close” is a matter of context. 500,000 more tickets is huge if you’re only talking about 2 million tickets in total being sold… but change the context to 10 million tickets, and the relative margin is a lot closer.

      So yes, it was very close, especially considering the context.

    2. No, you’re exact words were “Practically photo finish”… that would be 1 or 1.5 seconds. Come on, man, really?A 5 second difference in a marathon is practically a photo finish? What kinda photo are you taking?? Panaramic???

  3. WTF are u talking about? A 5 second lead is fucking huge! In any race, Ever seen a horse win by 5 seconds? Every seen nascar or formula one win by 5 seconds?? Obama won by what most people consider a large margin, 53% of popular vote to 47% for McCain.
    Nuff said, not unless you want to bring up more examples that I can debunk. Elections and Car races was not the best of choices, dude.

    500,000 movie tickets is not close. close is 1, maybe 2 million dollars not 5 million.

    1. Hey T-Vo,

      Ummmm… in a 100 meter dash, 5 seconds is not close…. in the Boston Marathon it’s practically a photo finish.

      For a movie in it’s opening weekend to only make more than 10% than a movie that opened the week before… in the box office world that is RAZOR thin close.

      On average, a new movie outpaces a previous weeks movie by 40-60%. So when a big tentpole flim like Angels and demons only makes 10% more than a previous weeks movie, that, by ANY insudtry standard is considered very very very close.

  4. So lets say movie ticket costs around $10.
    So how is 5 Million dollars that close? Angels and Demons sold a 500,000 more tickets than Star Trek and thats close?
    I thought marketing costs were by the studio and not necessarily part of the movies bottom line?

    1. How is nearly a 10% lead not considered close?

      If we were racing our cars and you won by 5 seconds, it would be close.

      If there was an election and the winner was less than 10% ahead, they would say it was close.

      $5m might sound like a lot of money, but it still only made shy of 10% more than a movie that was in its second week of release.

      There is no other way to describe this than close.

  5. Lukas, international numbers for a&D, according to Box Office Mojo was 104 M, so the film has 152 M total, it already earned it’s budget back.

    1. Not really Aaron,

      Don’t forget those numbers don’t include the $50+ million dollars they spent in marketing the movie. Also don’t forget that the theaters will keep a chunk of that money too.

      For the studio to break even, they need this movie to make around $300 million. That’s just to break even. They were hoping for a lot better than that.

  6. both movies were good so i am glad there doing well at the box office. godfather 80 million is way to high 50 to 60 million if lucky too. notm2 is going to be number one. sorry family movies make tons of money and terminator looks weaker then x men.

    1. I disagree. I didn’t bother seeing Wolverine in the theater, but I will be seeing Terminator this weekend. I think it looks better, but different tastes like different things. I do believe that since they went PG-13 with Terminator it is going to give Night At the Museum 2 a run for its money. Now the following week when Up is released, everything else will be crushed!

  7. John,

    I think that these numbers are actually good for Angels and Demons.

    The Da Vinci Code sold MORE than double the amount of copies that AA&DD did, and the theme of the book was far more controversial, creating a buzz around the book and movie that many few have.(The Da Vinci Code is one of the biggest novels of all time, in terms of copies sold)

    I dont think any exec was hoping for Da Vinci numbers. Also, international numbers were very solid, I think above 100 mio.

  8. I went to watch ST again last night, specifically to find that R2D2. Missed it again! Dammit! LOL

    As for the prediction, I was wrong. I thought that ST would definitely beat out A&D. So close. I think in week 3, it’ll definitely happen, but Terminator takes home top spot. I say $80 mil. opening weekend.

  9. Shows how well ST is being embraced by not only the fans, but casual and non fans. The positive word of mouth is helping a lot as well.

    I have read some haters of the movie saying a few things like “If you liked the movie you will see how weak it is after repeated viewings” Well I have seen it twice and it is just as good the second time. Also, the haters were saying how it would not break $200 million domestically. That’s a laugh, its almost there and will probably do at least $250, and most likely a bit more than that.

    Despite its shortcomings, it is the best Trek movie since First Contact, and has breathed new life into Trek, which was dead until this point. Now I would like to see JJ & Co. do even better with the next movie, and I think they can.

    1. My theory is that they have something other planned for Star Trek. J.J. directs/produces some popular TV shows. We had Alias and now lost but the first has ended a while ago and the latter is taking its dyeing breaths. Star trek is traditionally a TV show. It had the OS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, and the much hated Enterprise. So putting 2 and 2 together we have a director/producer who is losing a show and is given the keys to a franchise which is meant to be a show. So this seems to mean that 4 equals a new star trek series.

      This theory does have some holes in it but they can be filled up. It will be interesting to see how this turns out and if I am right.

  10. Oh man, I got it wrong. At least I didn’t underestimate A&D. I was guessing in about 47-48 A&D and 53-54 or ST. I knew A&D wouldn’t get above 60 but I wasn’t sure about star trek. Man, I thought I had it.

  11. What’s interesting is based on Friday’s ratios A&D was tracking to be about $12 ahead of ST for the weekend.

    A&D had 17 mil and ST had 12 mil on Friday. But on Saturday Star Trek actually beat A&D 18 mil to 17 mil, and came very close to beating it again on Sunday. Looks like A&D’s luster wore off after Friday. Which is too bad, it was a good movie.

    1. I love how people rely so religiously on Rotten Tomatoes as if it is the messiah to determining a movie being good or bad, rather than determining it if one likes it based on personal experience. Because, you know, other people obviously know what I like better than myself.

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