Christmas Themed Trailer for The Spirit

Yahoo Movies have updated their collection of Trailers and Video clips (commercial breaks included)for Frank Miller’s The Spirit with a Christmas Themed teaser.

The movie is slated to open Christmas Day.

I have come to expect Miller’s films to be over stylized like Sin City and 300, and I hear a lot of flack criticizing him for this. Now some of the dialogue in the trailers may be cheesy but I really have hope for this movie. I want to like it. I just don’t know if I will.

Right now it looks great, and I can forgive the fromage level until I see if it suits the film. I do however, worry that Sam Jackson’s Octopus character might be a little TOO over the top to be taken seriously. A badguy has to be bad to be considered an honest heart pounding threat, not silly. Guess we will have to wait.

So as much as I really really want to like this, I am starting to get an inkling of doubt.

Click Here to check out the library of clips over at Yahoo Movies.

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12 thoughts on “Christmas Themed Trailer for The Spirit

  1. “Maybe you will see it and will love it even though most reviewers did not.”

    very true, perhaps i will love it. Hey Rodney, i have a question.
    Is there going to be a Transporter 3 review on The Movie Blog

  2. But you did make a pre-judgment of the film. You qualify it among the “bad Christmas movies” and even act like it didn’t deserve to get past the script.

    Perhaps the script was amazing and bad acting, direction, or editing made it unappealing to the advanced viewers.

    Maybe you will see it and will love it even though most reviewers did not.

    Your reaction is entirely a prejudgement on Christmas season movies specifically on one you haven’t even seen.

  3. Aaron, That movie gets a limited release tomorrow with wide release on Friday.

    Are you press? Because they are the only ones to see it yet. (And are not speaking kindly of it) So are you assuming based on their reviews, or did you manage to see it?

  4. Kristina makes a good point, and the films keep getting worse every year around christmas time. i mean “Four Christmases”? come on! im suprised that got passed the script to be honest.

  5. This is going to be the worst Christmas for movies in recent memory. The Spirit looks like fried ass, and Valkyrie looks laughable. I still cannot get over Cruise playing a NAZI with an AMERICAN accent. I know it seems like a minor thing, and I heard someone argue that “well, when you speak with an accent, it doesn’t feel like an accent to you. Maybe that’s the effect they’re going for by having him without a German accent”. Yeah, but why does everyone else in the film have an accent?

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