William Shatner Comments on the New Enterprise

Holy Captain Kirk posts today folks. /Film found a clip of William Shatner responding to the new design for the Starship Enterprise for JJ Abrams vision of a new starting point for Star Trek.

Shatner has never held back about his feelings on Star Trek, and I think in his more mature days he has a better grasp on the man he was and the man he is today. I have oodles of respect for the guy.

I also like that people would go to him to find out what he thinks of the new direction. Granted he is bound to have feelings on a film that is re-imagining a character that he is best known for playing, but I almost feel like people want him to lose his shit over this stuff so they can rally around it. Fortunately that is not happening and Shatner appears to be all for the new vision.

But in true class and in very few words Bill pulls out a gem of wisdom, even stumbling momentarily to say it doesnt matter if a window is up here instead of over there … its the traditions and ideals that matter. He even wishes JJ well.

I can’t wait for this movie.

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16 thoughts on “William Shatner Comments on the New Enterprise

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  2. They could have done a better job on the ship…
    It looks like Hasbro had some influence in the design…oh I mean Paramount…

    Star Trek fans should know, that during a press conference last week in London, Abrams said that Paramount wanted to get rid of all Roddenberry canon and start totally new… Supposedly he and the writers talked them out of it…

  3. Hatred is for the weak. It is easy to hate, strength comes from doing what is right because it is not easy.

    And ONLY the Dark Side is absolute… just sayin.

    Thanks for the link RonSalon… we have a new post today with the extra bit from Old Spock in it!

  4. @Rodney

    I hope this slightly makes up for being kinda rude in the Twilight posts.

    GREAT FIND on the video. It honestly just made me happy.

    A non-bickering positive Bill Shatner giving props to a new Star Trek by J.J. Abrams (which is propped by a BAD ASSSSSSSS trailer)….just wow.

    en-mothafuckin’-gage. (i know, not kirk.)

  5. Back when Shatner was all diva, I wouldnt have cared what he said. But this is a new Bill, and a guy who can make fun of himself and is gaining the respect of his peers that he withered away in the 80s.

    I respect the guy now, so I do like to hear what he thinks even if it doesnt mean anything (if he spoke against it, it wouldn’t cause JJ would redesign it!)

    I am a little more excitable about geeky things because I am a geek. John is too but he hides it. That gets him more ladies.

  6. Okay, Rodney, I am making a stand. You are the only one allowed to write about ST in the future. I love John too, but he doesn’t seem as gung ho about it as you do. Now that I have officially taken a job at TMB Uncut (sounds like a gay porno) and told you what to do, I am ready to be fired. LOL.

    And anyway, who cares what The Shat thinks?

  7. Because it wasn’t exactly the same.

    Its a reboot. And its being updated. I agree that it looks very much in line with the original, but some people will nitpick it to oblivion and complain that the main shaft that connects the saucer is shaped wrong or something.

    I love the new design. It updates it, pays tribute to the original, and still embodies the Trek traditions!

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