SUPERMAX Will Now Be Green Arrow

GreenarrowWe have some brief, but good news to announce. It appears that SUPERMAX will now simply be called Green Arrow. We get the scoop from our friends at slashfilm:

David Goyer’s Supermax, which now looks to have broader box office potential after the success of Iron Man, has been retitled Green Arrow. The well-reviewed script, which sees Green Arrow facing off in a high security prison with DC villains like The Riddler, is by Justin Marks, who wrote the aforemenioned He-Man script that’s driving the Internet nuts right now.

I’ m very glad that the name has been changed. I actually think it’s cool that Green Arrow is going to prison – but calling the project Supermax was a marketing disaster waiting to happen. When you name the Film Green Arrow, (most) people know what the hell you are talking about. Supermax could be a film about anyone in prison.

When you are doing a superhero film – you really want to pump the hero, not a setting. Stronger heads have prevailed on this one.

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10 thoughts on “SUPERMAX Will Now Be Green Arrow

  1. Green Arrow is cool. Bottom line. I remember, ages ago when i was a young buck, a co-worker suggested I read “The Longbow Hunters” and I immediately responded with “Are you retarded? Green Arrow is bullshit” but I bowed down to his superior comic book knowledge. Since picking that up I sucked in everything I could that was Green Arrow. What it is about him, is that he just a normal guy. He ISN’T a superhero, but he is very very good with a bow and arrow. WHen they made his series “Mature” it was able to explore some pretty grim places which made it very interesting indeed.

    I agree that the general public would have no idea who Green Arrow is. That really opens up the possibilities of what they can do as they won’t be quite so restricted as far as storyline goes. Hell, he doesn’t even need a costume.

  2. Thanx for the heads up BT. Fucking Goyer.

    WTF is up with DC/Warners too?! first the JLA fiasco. now this hugely potential clusterfuck.

  3. I disagree. When Mark came up with this idea it was about a prison for super villains, it wasn’t even intended to be existing DC villains. Goyer came on and turned it into DC villains and Green Arrow. From everything they’ve said in the press so far it was never intended to be “the Green Arrow movie,” and that was what was so cool about it. They chose Green Arrow because putting him in prison forced him to not be Green Arrow anymore. He would have to prove himself by overcoming everything without his arrows, costume or secret identity.

    So it really doesn’t make sense to call it “Green Arrow” unless they change the movie to be more about the Green Arrow identity, in which case they are ditching a perfectly great premise for no good reason.

    As for being a “marketing disaster,” that is ridiculous since nobody but comic book nerds has ever heard of Green Arrow, and even a large percentage of them have never read a Green Arrow comic or know much about him except his one-armed cameo in Dark Knight Returns.

  4. I’m actually looking forward to this. Could it be a hot turd on the griddle? Absolutely. But it’s nice to see an original concept amidst all the superhero origin stories being told. Don’t be too hard on them for thinking outside the box on this one.

  5. Okay this the purist in me talking but don’t want to see it happen in prison. I was hoping it would be about the Green Arrow getting stuck on an Island and learning how to use an arrow there. This movie seems to be directed at the people who saw Smallville. I wanna see the Green Arrow whose the Tye Cobb of superheroes not what they have planned here.
    Of course I’m going to go see it anyway. But that’s besides the point…

  6. …I guess it is safe to say Ed Nygma is NOT going to be in the hoosegow …in fact, my vote for the main heavy is Count Vertigo.

    As for renaming the pic Green Arrow, that’s a good move in one respect because folks know who the character is mostly due to Smallville.

    Perhaps Queen makes arrows and a bow out of stuff or a guard smuggles it in…who knows.

  7. …..and we all know that the Riddler is locked up at Arkham Asylum! What’s GA in the klink for anywho? Hoiw about a Green Lantern film with a cameo by GA at the end ala the late 60’s-early 70’s issues when they were playing havoc with the comics code…?????

  8. I still say its pretty stupid that the Green Arrow will be in jail… presumably without Arrows.

    What gives?

    This SHOULD have been about just some guy in prison.. or any other superhero that wasn’t reliant on gear.

    they are taking his script and adapting it with super villains in jail to pretend this is Green Arrow.

    We want to see them shooting damned arrows!!

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