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Sex-And-The-City-ReviewThanks for checking out our Sex and the City review. There hasn’t been a more female gender pop cultural phenomena in my lifetime than the hit TV show “Sex and the City“. Just about every woman I’ve known the last few years own at least one season on DVD, and many of them own them all. Even women I’ve dated would talk to me at times in allegories from the show… which would always go totally over my head since I’ve never seen a single episode (then again, it’s not like I ever understood women anyway… no man has).

So off I tromp to see Sex and the City. I went with two women I know and the theater was pretty full. One of the girls turned to me about 5 minutes before the movies was supposed to start and said “I don’t see any men in here”. I looked around, and sure enough all I saw were a lot of ladies. So I yelled out “Are there any other men here!?!?!” Two men raised their hands… and yes… they were each with their wives.

A few minutes later to much fanfare and much anticipation, the movie began. Was Sex and the City any good? Would I, a MAN who has never seen a single episode be able to enjoy it? Surprisingly yes!


The synopsis for Sex and the City looks something like this: “Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), successful author and everyone’s favorite fashion icon-next-door, is back, her famously sardonic wit intact and sharper than ever, as she continues to narrate her own story about sex, love and the fashion-obsessed single woman in New York City.
Sex and the City finds Carrie, Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) four years after the hit HBO series ended, as our favorite femmes fashionables continue to juggle jobs, friendships and relationships while they start to navigate motherhood, marriage and Manhattan real estate… some of them may even — brace yourself — brave other boroughs outside Manhattan.”

Essentially, Carrie and Mr. Big (her long time love interest on the show) decide to get married. The film then races through various themes of love, commitment, individuality, forgiveness, friendship, loss, loneliness… and just about every other human condition you can think of.


The film was funny. Pure and simple it did the one thing I didn’t really expect it to be able to do: It made me laugh. A lot. I know this will sound odd, but there were a number of times I caught myself picturing Judd Apatow writing the film. No seriously… I think if Apaow had written a Sex and the City the movie… this is the movie he probably would have come up with. The humor was more “male” than I expected it to be… and a little more crude at times… I loved it. 4-5 solid laugh out loud moments… with many many more giggles. On that level, quite entertaining.

In most movies, you have characters that make their way through the story. But Sex and the City didn’t really have a story. The characters WERE the story, and in this context it really worked because of the diversity in the 4 main characters and their legitimate charm and likeability (aside from the Miranda character)… but most importantly because of the long tested chemistry between them all. The chemistry of that on screen friendship was palpable and carried the movie.

Although sometimes a bit forced, I found the emotional and touching scenes worked. Each of the main characters go through significant challenges emotionally in the movie (which is a weakness… but I’ll get to that in a bit) and at times it is communicated quite well.


At just a hair under 2 hours and 20 minutes, Sex and the City is TOO LONG. The movie had a wonderful pace to it right up to about the 90 minute mark, and it felt like the movie was totally ready at that point to head into a 10-15 minute wrap up. It would have been perfect. But instead, the movie dragged on for over another half hour before heading into that wrap up. It was at that point that the movie felt stretched out and unnecessary. A part of the reason the film was too long was….

There was simply too much going on. For some reason the producers felt the need to give each and every one of the 4 main characters a significant story line sub-plot instead of one central story or without tying them together. 4 full stories takes screen time, each one interrupting the other and causing far to many themes to be brought into it. It’s not that any of the stories weren’t good, nor that any of the themes introduced weren’t worthy ones to be explored… but in food terms, if you’re making a soup, it doesn’t matter if you use 100 good ingredients, if you use all 100 the soup becomes a bit of a mess. You’re unable to appreciate the flavors of each one because it all becomes lost in the jumble of competing flavors. Sex and the City had too many ingredients going at the same time, and as such it hindered our ability to savor or appreciate any single one of them.

Some of the “life lessons” in the movie I found to be total nonsense. But really that isn’t important. The movie is about the characters and what they think… not about what I agree with. If their life lessons were consistent with the characters from the show, that’s what’s important I guess.


Surprisingly… nay… SHOCKINGLY I, a male who had never seen an episode of the show before, ended up enjoying the Sex and the City movie and found myself having been entertained by the end. Very funny, some great crude yet smart humor and charming characters with a great chemistry are all strong enough to overcome an unnecessarily over stuffed script with too many sub plots and themes and an extra 30-40 minutes of unneeded run time. Not a “great” movie when all is said and done, but certainly a movie worth watching. Overall I give Sex and the City a 6.5 out of 10

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42 thoughts on “Sex And The City Review

  1. This film is fantastic i dont have a bad word to say about it. I have followed the tv seris of Sex and the City and the film is just as good. It is funny, sad, sassy and stylish i just cant stop watching it.

  2. I like chicks, not hags. I like women..with no ADD. I don’t like movies that portray women demanding they remain in the altar of lust worship when they already stink of rot. I certainly dislike this movie. Sex as a word in its title will not hook me in, I would prefer watching hard core porn that being the case. Whoever started this movie or TV show, the concept is 10 shades of suck. Women who grow old with dignity are more attractive, unless you’re a brown stain in the mattress or a dog who would do it on the streets and pee on a hydrant. Hags.. grow up please, and stop making me projectile vomit.

  3. Benigna Marko and best friend see movie together. Top girly flick, loved it. Coordinating girls night out with friends and family. Benigna Marko loved sex in the city movie and it was funny too.
    Benigna Marko

  4. As an avid fan – I still watch the reruns – of the television show, I have to say that I found the movie incredibly depressing. I think we deserved to see a beautiful wedding, after waiting six seasons to finally watch Carrie and Mr. Big get together. And, why make Steve such a bad guy after seeing him for so many years as a sweet man who would never hurt anyone? I wish the writers could have found other ways to tell the ongoing tale of these four great ladies and not depressed the heck out of me. I also think they probably should have left well-enough alone. The series ended on a high note, and the movie fell flat.

  5. For a series that had won mutiple Emmy and Golden Globe awards, Best TV series, best writing, best directing, best acting, this movie (to me) was horrible. The writing was no where close to the writing of the series (and it could have been.) Notice on the “official” site that King says that he “didn’t want to disappoint the audience” and that he was under so much pressure. Good writing, good characters don’t come from that much self-consciousness…the characters weren’t allowed to be themselves, and what had been unconventional and sharp in the series became (for me) simply boring and very very conventional in the movie. This viewer didn’t for a minute buy the movie. It seemed to have no connection to the series. A real disappointment.

  6. If I had ten thumbs they would all be up! I laughed, I cried, I got mad, I called “my girls” after I saw the movie and we went and had Cosmos.

    I have never seen a more tastefully written, honestly acted female based movie since the YaYa Sisterhood. Sarah, Kim, Cynthia and Kristen bought the television show to the big screen with all the love and the professionalism for their craft that a true actress could have. Patrick King has my respect ten fold. HE respects women and truly understands that “we have a life” too!

    I loved it all – the make up, the hair styling and the clothes were to die for.

    Thanks for bringing Jennifer Hudson in – she was just what Carrie needed. I am so glad that Carrie kept herself and gave it as good as she got it, even better in the limo scene when she gave Big what he really needed . . . . . she knocked the sense that he had lost pre-Carrie, during Carrie and post-Carrie.

    The Miranda and Steve story line was an interesting twist with growth and for Charlotte and Harry to get theirs was simply perfect. I cried and cheered for Samantha, she truly was on the mark at 50 (I wonder what she has coming in the next installment).

    Again, I thank Sarah (the cast) and Patrick King for making go to the movies. I can hardly wait for this to come out on dvd so I can add it to my collection with the entire show that I just bought a few weeks ago.


  7. It’s been ten years since I took myself on a date and this was one of the best dates I’ve been on. After a Sushi Dinner I headed over to the movie. Sex in the City was better than I thought it would be. In Vegas it is hard to get your girlfriends schedules to match up. Couldn’t take it any more and that’s why I went alone during the week. Looking around there were several single ladies and a few men also. It made me feel alive again! I found myself wishing life really was like that! Would go see it again. Gigi

  8. Too much sex in Sex and The City!!! I went to see the movie today and I must say it did not live up to the hype and it made me feel quite uncomfortable several times. The story could have been told and still been just as good without all of the sex sceens it was basicaly a love/brakeup story with bits of porn here and there and no matter what review I read none of them warned me of the very nude sex sceens. I saw too many boobs and too much butt and I even saw a penis witch I thought you could not do in R rated movies but some how they got away with it.

  9. i watched this film with 2 friends in hong kong. was quite disappointed about the ending. Mr. Big does not deserve Carrie. it’s sad to see that Carrie still go back to him after all the dramas…

    like the scene when Charlote yelled at Mr Big after the 2 cars crossed after Carrie left the library… totally shocking.

  10. I didn’t hate this movie, but I felt that compared to the TV series it was depressing and dragged on far too long. Maybe because I came to see a fun, upbeat, somewhat shallow movie and ended up getting hit with large emotional issues rather than the girly fun that was the Sex in the City TV series. It did drag on for far too long and somehow just missed the mark for me. On the topic of Sex in the City, though, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the original inspiration for the series in ebook form at and it was a million times more entertaining than the movie. Final movie synopsis: not a complete waste of time, but could have been much, much better.

  11. Oh man… Like most normal men I was forced into this. When we were standing in line I realized that the effing thing was almost two and a half hours long… Two and a half hours of watching gay men parade around my city only women are playing the parts, two and a half hours of Carrie Bradshaw falling in and out of love with Mr. Big, and me hearing my wife telling me what a hunk Chris Noth is, and I should loose weight, Two and a HALF friggin’ hours of Fashion is the best medicine… and me without my samurai sword.

  12. I went to go see this movie with my friend,mother,and grandma.I thought it was great I loved it no matter how long it was.And when it comes on DVD I will be the dsy it comes out to get it

  13. I liked the movie- had a great time. 32 yr old guy here who loved the show and am happy they made us fans a movie

    here’s my question to all those who bit-h about the characters being shallow and materialistic — what about movies that feature the newest cars or games. Isn’t that the same difference.
    If you don’t want to see it, don’t — no bother to me. I just don’t know why people have to trash the movie. It was fun. Didn’t even notice the length, and I don’t think I’d want it any shorter.

  14. 31, female, straight, boyfriend, successful career woman and I LOVED LOVED LOVED the movie. It was everything I hoped for and more. People disect movies so much talking about sub plots and too long..and too many stories. This is a movie about the life of 4 strong, successful women. We are busy, we have a lot going on, we have lives, we are emotional, and funny! The four women on this movie just have ones that are, I must say, a bit more entertaining that the average Jane. People were actually dissappointed that there wasn’t enough sex!!!! That is not what ‘Sex and the City’ season 1 – 6 as about! Ok, I won’t comment further on that!

    I will leave it there. It was extremely satisfied and can not wait for it to come out on DVD so I can purchase it and watch it again and again…5 out of 5 stars no doubt! I was surprised that some didn’t like it.. hmmm?

  15. Despite being a man I am a huge fan of the Sex and the City TV series for almost all the seasons, and one of the main reasons behind that is the laudable wit, humor and the lovely balance of ’sex and nyc-life’ shown in a very detailed and organized way all throughout the episodes..but the movie was a HUGE WASTE of TIME, to put it simply. I was really disappointed and by the first ten minutes I was wondering if this is the same talented Michael Patrick King who had directed the TV series! What happened Mike? The screenplay was torn and ugly, the music was strictly okay, the performances by the side characters was so mediocre, and that by the four women was only ‘enjoyable’ with Sarah Jessica Parker trying the most to bring some energy into the screen – and on top of all if they were trying to show any glamour to glamourise nyc then I must say that they have failed miserably in this clownish venture!

    The most attractive thing about Sex and the city, the TV series, was its incredible pace! I loved it. But what happened in the movie? Each and every scene moves like a snail. Why is it so slow? There is no character development at all…Miranda and Charlotte have been presented so artificially. The Steve-Miranda story, which has no credibility in this 2 hour rush and hush, was half-baked and forced…while Charlotte didnt have any story at all except for foolishly screaming at every line to show her joy, and in the last 15 minutes suddenly she becomes pregnant- just to add some ‘meat’ to the story, but alas by that time everyone was alread yawning. Sarah looks a bit old, and I had trouble seeing the usual Carrie Bradshaw in her. Kim, the only show-saver, gave her usual confident performance as Samantha. But alas the termination of her story with Smith seemed so out-of-place.

    The most amazing disappointment in the context of the characters was Miranda. Miranda was my all time favorite in the series, I loved the way she was portrayed there. But in the film, although Nixon tries hard to make things believable, Miranda is nothing more than some always-busy lady who knows nothing more than Wifi, Ipod, computers and internet. What a shame!

    The saddest thing about the movie is that none of the men get any freaking chance to act – Steve, my personal favorite from the series, is there for like 10 minutes, and most of the time he is crying and looking artifically sad. Jason Lewis – is there for less than 5 minutes, and there is no sweet-and-naughty chemistry between him and Samantha. And oh what a disappointment, he doesnt even show any decent amount of skin! So boring! And oh gosh…Evan Handler is there for less than 15 seconds and with just ONE…belive me ONE…just one single line as his dialogue. The child artists, the cute girl and the sweet boy, have been wasted. Magda is hardly there in one scene. Theres a new guy who is shown naked from all angles without any justification, and despite being a great treat to the eyes, his show-off doesnt suffice any hunger that was expected from the movie. But the worst thing is… Stanford and Anthony are shown to be boy friends! How on earth did this happen and why? Where is Marcus? Where are all the cute nyc guys? What about the night clubs, the restaurants, the handsome waiters, the sexy store managers, the bedroom eyed man at the corner of the cocktail bar, the talkative and the snob party women, the rude nyc pedestrians…where the heck are they? Gosh Michael Patrick King…theres absolutely no sex in your city, period!

    All that is there in the movie is shedding tears by four aged women for two long hours…and advertising about the top brands of various products. I was so disappointed. Do things really turn cold with age? Let me end this review with just one single scene reference – Carrie and Big are lying on their bed and reading poems written by famous poets – with the ugliest glasses possible – Carrie puts on those glasses and reads Big a poem by Mozzart…Give me a break – is this what we expect from the characters we loved – the characters who prospered because they weren’t scared to talk about sex in the sexiest way – and thats what made the city the real city! In the film, theres no sex, and theres no city either. That was so sad. May be they will make a sequel where we will see the old characters again.

  16. KimberlyH,

    Woah, you wrote that women don’t like Family Guy?

    That’s news to me. My wife is more of a Family Guy fan than I am, and I know tons of females that enjoy that show.

  17. My wife saw it last night and told me that no straight guy would have been able to enjoy it. Even she said that it was as cheesy and overblown with estrogen, and she’s a big fan of the show (and nowhere near as critical as I am).

  18. “I’m glad that a guy could grade this movie without bias. In the other reviews I’ve read, it seems like the mostly male reviewers have some ax to grind against the show and have taken their frustrations out on this movie.”

    Again, why all the sexism guys?!

    Grow up and go over to men AND women are calling it crap.

  19. I liked the series on HBO in the beginning. They a brilliant idea that the viewers will like at least one of the 4 women and will relate to them. But as series progressed, I began to despise if not hate them – series and women in the movie, one by one, until I could not watch it anymore. Now I can’t imagine going to spend 2 1/2 hours watching more of the same – a big glorified episode of the series where women compensate for being unable to find happiness in the family by buying themselves designed clothes and bags – as if consumerism can help them take their minds of their inability to maintain meaningful relationships. Some people get drunk, some people buy $700 shoes.

  20. I completley agree with abbadoo2. Men will not like it for the most part just as women do not care for The ridiculous vulgar Family Man cartoon show on tv. We have different tastes. The things that men do not like about women will be seen in the characters and they really exist in all of us to a degree. If you can watch this as a man and not find one of them attractive or likeable – maybe your standards are way too high – maybe you do not like women, or are intimidated by their strength and independence, so you want to bash a chic flick that you claim to not want to see – so go see Indiana Jones instead. I loved the show, I double loved the movie. I laughed and I cried (happy and sad tears) – the emotions and themes of break ups, disappointments, missing someone, forgiving, too much sex – not enough sex in relationships or marriage… all of it was relatable. I witnessed an older man in the theater directly one chair to the left in front of me at an early show today and the theater was not so full this early – he was wiping tears away at one point with his whole hand and I was like WOW! One of the themes touched him or reminded him of a love lost or found again.
    I do not live in NY – but if I did I am sure that labels and flamboyance would be more a part of my daily life. I do not think it is materialistic – it is fashion and it is NY – I would expect nothing less. I will see it again and get the movie. I told my mother I went to see it and she told me she wanted to see it! I did not even know she ever seen an episode, but I can see all women relating. There was almost an entire row of over age 45 women behind me that met there and saved seats for the big group. I also just want to say I think Mr. Big is like many men basically. Scared, unsure, make many wrong decisions with women in their life and do many things to be sorry about, but deep down are good and caring – just a man. For the length of the series and as a finale – the length was perfect for me to let me see the characters all in their own limelight in the end. Women can concentrate (attn span)l and sit still ong enough to enjoy something of this length – another thing different with us and men.
    KimberlyH – Va Beach, VA

  21. I think it is funny how many of the comments here are so negative. If you hate the show and the idea of the movie so much, why are you reading reviews about it and taking the time to make comments?
    I just saw the movie, absolutely loved it, and I think many women love it because there is at least one character that every girl can relate to. My girlfriends and I are not “materialistic, self-obsessed, or high maintenance” either. A lot of the same themes of relationships, infertility/having children, and the bond of girlfriends like the characters have – this actually happens in real life, believe it or not! I can’t wait to see it again!

  22. I watch the show when there is absolutely nothing else on and it’s mainly to hate on it because every main character on that show is walking cliche. I’m still not seeing it unless of course i decide to watch it illegally on some pirate site.

  23. Trevor:

    I read that review the other day and almost fell out of my chair laughing. You’re right, and so is Massawyrm… he highlighted almost every single thing that I hate about this show… and why I absolutely refuse to waste any of my time on the movie.


    Sorry for the caps, but the review is simply brilliant. It emphasizes everything that’s wrong with this movie. It’s not you. It’s not because you’re not a fan. It’s a DUMB, STUPID movie.

    Here are a few quotes from the review:

    “Imagine, if you will, a Rob Schneider movie, a Ben Stiller movie and an Adam Sandler movie teaming up and slipping Rohypnol to the BRATZ movie, pulling a train on her sorry, barely legal ass, then leaving the unfortunate spawn of that unholy union in the LA sun for 40 years until it rotted and leathered to the point that it was attractive only to gay men and other women. That’s the Sex and the City movie.”

    “I enjoy a good chick flick. But this wasn’t good; not by any stretch of the imagination. This was a dick and fart joke movie for women.”

    “Add to that the fact that it is extraordinarily light on plot to begin with and you might understand why I was beginning to crave the cold taste of steel from the barrel of a colt about 45 minutes in.”

    “In fact, it only seems to reinforce what I never liked about Sex and the City to begin with. They’re not flirty and single because it’s so hard to find a good man. It’s because they’re all completely self-obsessed, neurotic, high maintenance divas. And I found each and every one of them thoroughly unlikable.”

  25. This movie was for the fans of the TV show. It gave us an ending that ended. I am glad you enjoyed it John. I watched every episode and many nights watched to reruns. I went to see it as soon as I got off work today. I was long, but if you watched the TV show then you know that they had to give all the characters separate story lines. It’s a hit. I am gonna go and see it again and by the movie on DVD when it comes out to set next to the TV series DVD’s.

  26. High points to you, John, for objectively sitting through this movie.

    I was a huge fan of the TV show, but I honestly have no desire to watch this movie in the theaters. I’ll grab it on DVD especially with a 2 1/2 hour run time! I’m sure I’ll enjoy it when I get around to seeing it.

  27. The film getting bad reviews(In my opinion) has nothing to do with this being a chick flick, or (for the most part anyway)male critics who have an ax to grind with the show. I think what it boils down to is that it is a film based on a television show featuring four of the most shallow, materialistic, and irritating characters in recent television history.

    I’m a straight guy who considers himself to be very in touch with his feminine side… I love watching romantic comedies(as long as they are

    good stories and the characters are actually likable and interesting… hey, I’m in)… hell, I even have a shoe obsession(seriously… I think I have like thirty or forty pairs). When this show first came out, I tried… Honest to God, I tried, but I just couldn’t take it and gave up after about six episodes. And this was waaaaay before the show was the huge and undeserved hit that it became so It’s not like I went in looking to hate it(but grow to hate it I did)….

    So see, you can’t say I didn’t give it a chance.

    I have no ax to grind with the show… it just irritates the fuck out of me and I’m sick and fucking tired of hearing about it. I work in an office with nothing but twenty and thirty-something women, so as you can imagine, hearing about this damn thing for eight hours a day can start to wear on you a bit.

    And another thing..

    I swear to God, If I hear one more woman say something along the lines of “Oh my God, I was being such a Charlotte just then”…. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  28. I’m glad that a guy could grade this movie without bias. In the other reviews I’ve read, it seems like the mostly male reviewers have some ax to grind against the show and have taken their frustrations out on this movie.

  29. Ummmmmmmm….. Lets see….. No…..

    I enjoy a good chick flick now and then, but I draw the line at this one.

    No…. not gonna’ be seeing this one.

  30. Well i’m glad you liked it too. It’s never going to be something i’d see but i love that women are going crazy for this movie like we would for Transformers or something similar and all turning up in droves. I don’t imagine there are many movies out there that are completely designed for a female audience. It warms my heart that they get at least one.

  31. Oh my god my wife and her girlfriend are going to make a day of this. How? They’re going shopping in the morning, then lunch, then the movie.
    She’ll be happy to hear that you kinda liked it. The only girl I like on there is Kim. She’ll always be Lassie or the girlfriend from the show “Dream On” to me.

  32. I’m glad to see a positive review from you of SATC. I give you kudos for having a mostly open mind about it. Many men, including professional critics don’t seem to have that ability with this film.

    The most boorish media trend of the week has been the insecure heterosexual male backlash against this film. You would think it advocates castration the way these macho throwbacks have been going on-and-on about it all over TV, radio and the internet.

    A well crafted film project is a well crafted film project. SATC was one of the best overall media products of the last 15 years and I expect the film to present the stories of all 4 women in the same high quality fashion as the series did.

    I’m going this evening with a group of – gasp – 6 men. All SATC fans. The same group who went to Ironman together opening weekend and loved it.

    If it wasn’t for this bizarre gender gap, and a male dominated critical pool I imagine the Rotten Tomatoes rating for this film would be about 10-15 points higher.

  33. I’m glad you enjoyed it John, I was a little worried when I read other reviews who absolutely hated the film.
    I myself am a straight male, who happened to really like the TV show. I really did. It very often had funny and sharp writing combined with solid acting.
    I will see this, the only thing that worries me is the running time. Two and a half hours? My god! That’s like 5 episodes of the TV show back to back. I don’t know if I can take this. I like my movies tight and short. Give me 90 to 100 minutes, then I’m happy. With longer films I tend to look at my watch after a while. That’s the reason I can’t watch RETURN OF THE KING in one session. It’s good and I really like the trilogy, but 4 hours? No way.

  34. I’m not buying this. I think TMB has been compromised by some outside female force. We must purge this terrible influence and regain control.

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