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Hey there guys. Just wanted to give you the heads up that The Movie Blog: Uncut group on Facebook that Darren started yesterday is up and running with over 100 people already in the group. Post your thoughts, join the discussion forums and connect with us and other Uncut listeners and Movie Blog readers. We’re all in there every day posting stuff and responding to your stuff too. Oh, and when you join the group, make sure you let us know what your handle on The Movie Blog is so we know who you are!

The Movie Blog: Uncut Facebook group can be found here.

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27 thoughts on “The Movie Blog:Uncut On Facebook

  1. Hey, just found you. Joined group, etc. I’m in Toronto and have even attended The Meeting House at Yorkdale a dozen times or so (strange and wonderful attending church in a cinema, of all places!). I have a new film blog called Toronto Screen Shots ( which will mostly cover festivals but also some other film stuff, too. Looking forward to learning from you guys, especially your podcasts. Cheers! Oh yeah, your documentary looks fascinating.

  2. Nord did you just say Australia is blocking internet websites?

    FUCK THAT SHIT!!!!!!

    It is the international nature of the internet that makes it so exciting. The people of the world are shaking hands and swearing at each other for recreation – that is cause for celebration.

  3. WTF?!?! all funny comments aside, the Austrailian government blocks community websites? I say again, WTF!?!?!

    The World Wide Web is being sliced and diced and we’re all just sitting back and watching it happen? is there no movement to stop this? (and I do not mean Doug’s impending movement)

    Seriously, the States blocking people from the outside viewing, other coutries blocking their own people from seeing the outside, this is getting out of hand, thankfully TheMovieBlog is home grown Canadian content, so I have no fears, unless my worst fears are realized and Hamilton separates from the rest of Canada.



  4. hey louman, facebook was only for college students, but it went public a couple of months ago….alot of students where pissed about it, but i didnt care, more of my friends who aren’t in college joined, and some that already graduated joined….so i was glad they made it for everyone…

  5. LOL! Good ones:

    “Doug who looks Johnny Cash having withdrawal symptoms”


    “They even have the one guy (Doug) looking off in the distance as if to suggest carelessness and depth of contemplation when it comes to the big issues.”

    we need to add in “dude who’s going bald but decides its a good idea to try to grow it long anyway to take focus away from the obvious”.


  6. It’s a new christian rock band! They even have the one guy (Doug) looking off in the distance as if to suggest carelessness and depth of contemplation when it comes to the big issues.

  7. Dammit, somebody has already referenced the fact that you look like a boy band. I’m gonna say you look like TAKE THAT.

    With the exception of Doug who looks Johnny Cash having withdrawal symptoms.

    Unfortunately I can’t access Facebook or Myspace from my computer here, damn Australian Government has blocked the community websites!

  8. Hey, it’s a pic of the New Kids on the Blog ;).

    Just signed up today and already got a message from someone I haven’t seen in 14 years. Just hope I don’t have any demon spawn.

  9. i’ll give it a shot mabey it might be something new to look foward to. :) by the way you guys look like you blong in a rock band. you know one of the rock and roll magazines. :)jon the lead singer, darrn on bass, doug on guitar, and bruxy on drums. :)

  10. Love facebook. Had to join it. You accepted me as a friend(Robert O Doherty). The uploading of pics is way better then myspace. I’m still trying to figure out who to upload videos.

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