John’s 5 Most Anticipated Films of 2006

2005 is over (listen to the Audio Edition later tonight for our favorites and most hated films of 2005) and I’m alreay licking my chops at some of the films on their way to us in 2006. There are alreay over 500 films slated for release in this upcoming year… and here are five of them that I’m most looking forward to:

5) Lady In The Water
M. Night Shyamalan really screwed the pooch with The Village, but the man has done enough quality stuff to justify excitment about his new project starring the amazing Paul Giamatti (who really should get a best supporting actor nomination for an Oscar this year).

4) Miami Vice
I was really surprised by how much hate there was for the new Miami Vice trailer that came out a few weeks ago. Personally I’ve got a lot of hope for this project. I apreciate both Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx as actors, and with Mann at the helm I think this is going to be a fantastic flick.

3) Cars
To date, Pixar is the only studio out there that has totally entertained me with EVERY SINGLE FILM they’ve put out. Yes, Cars looks a little off… but Pixar more than any other studio out there deserves the benefit of the doubt. If they put out a flick, I’m excited to see it.

The first one was easily my most pleasent surprise at the movies in the last couple of years. I’m a little worried they won’t be able to pull off that same magic without it getting a little tired… but I’m still reved to see it.

1) Superman Returns
Bryan Singer has shaped into one of my favorite directors in Hollywood, and although I’m still a little upset with him for walking away from the X-Men franchise… I’m absolutly DYING to see Superman Returns. Superman EASILY takes the #1 spot on my most anticipated films of 2006 list. I still think it was the right decision to NOT make Superman Return just a “Smallville The Movie”. This is going to be amazing!

Honorable Mention
Some of the other films I’m interested in for the upcoming year are
– X-Men 3
– Marie Antoinette
– The Break Up
– The Pink Panther
– Charlotte’s Web
– The Assasination of Jesse James
– Casino Royal

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11 thoughts on “John’s 5 Most Anticipated Films of 2006

  1. You know alot of us cry and whine about all the sequels and remakes Hollwood pumps out now but I see alot of them on peoples must see lists, over have of Johns five are.

  2. I have to Disagree about the Smallville comment. Superman Returns could have easily cast Tom Welling as Supes without it becoming that, the casting of Brandon Routh almost puts Superman Returns into the Remake or Revisulization class, especially with the same score and the the use of Brando,he looks almost like a Reeve lookalike, Singer is walking a fine line here, but Im willing to wait and see. Still, I dont think Tom Welling gets the credit he deserves because he’s from “TV” the dude just looks like Superman more than anyone else who as ever played him.

    And as for some of the comments comparing the new Miami Vice to Honeymooners and Dukes of Hazzard….you do realize this is a Michael Mann film right? give your heads a shake.


  3. I’m burnt out on all the super hero movies and big action set piece movies, so my list is sans X-3, MI3, ect.

    In no order:

    Marie Antoinette

    The Rum Diary

    Hot Fuzz


    A Scanner Darkly

    The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

    The Black Dahlia

    Sympathy for Lady Vengence

    The Departed

    V for Vendetta

    I usually steer clear of American remakes of foreign films like The Departed, especially when the source material was so good in the first place. But with Scorsese behind the camera and that cast, it might turn out to be a decent remake of Infernal Affairs, unlike some past and upcoming asian movie remakes (I’ll never forgive Hollywood for putting their mits on Oldboy). I’d also add Hostel to the list, but seeing as it’s out Friday, I won’t be anticipating it for much longer. V for Vendetta gets the last place on the list just to nourish my Natalie Portman addiction.

  4. Casino Royale

    X-Men 3

    Mission Impossible 3

    Underworld Evolution

    Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

    V for Vendetta

    The Da Vinci Code

    Ice Age 2



    Superman Returns

    A Scannder Darkly

    The Fountain

    Grudge 2

    Silent Hill


    The Departed

    Southland Tales

    The Black Dahlia

    Turning out to be a great year

  5. Spideyfan,

    I would not so much as to call Brandon Routh a ‘failed and fired’ actor. Some well known and successful actors have started out on soaps…and they move on. Also, if Routh really failed as an actor, then why did Singer cast him?

    While I, too, am not sold on Colin Farrell as Crockett and Jamie Foxx as Rico Tubbs in ‘Vice’, the one reason I will see it is Michael Mann. Unlike most updated remakes, Mann was the exec producer of the series. While I’d much rather see a continuation of ‘Crime Story’, I’ll take ‘Vice’. I see this movie overall not in the vein of ‘Dukes’ or ‘Starsky & Hutch’ -the latter of which Mann wrote a handful of TV eps- but rather more like what Andrew Davis did with ‘The Fugitive’. In other words, I don’t think ‘Vice’ will be a pile of junk. It will wind up being a decent action/buddy picture with cool music.

    But in fairness, Foxx is working with Mann for the third time now, after Collateral and Ali.

    That’s how I think Foxx got the part. The actor wanted to work with the director again, the director, the actor. Very simple. As for Farrell, I look back when Don Johnson was cast. I think Mann may have been looking for an actor who may have had, or has, a party boy background…and is overall a good actor.

    What I’m looking forward to?





    Marie Antoinette

    A Scanner Darkly

    Ice Age 2: Meltdown


    V For Vendetta

    Truth, Justice & American Way

  6. I agree with you about Superman Returns, though I still am not sold on Brandon Routh – a failed and fired actor from a Soap Opera – is really superman. I think they morphed his face with reeve to make him more superman like when he dons the costume. But he doesn’t do it for me.

    But of course, that’ll be the one I want to see first this year.

    X-men 3 is number 2. The Trailer is incredible, inticing, dark, brooding, bold and very Peter Jackson-esque in certain respects. And so many characters! Can’t wait.

    As for Pirates of the Carribean … well. You know. Who knows. If my girlfriend drags me to see Depp in Drag I may see it. Otherwise… I’ll pass.

    And I disagree with you VEHEMENTLY about Miami Vice. The movie reminds me of what Honeymooners, the Dukes of Hazzard and The Longest Yard did to a classic movie / tv series – take the characters WAAAAY out of context and give us images that have no depth.

    Jamie Foxx as an actor?! Uhmm…

    Colin Farrel? only if he has to use an accent alot.

    But to pair them as Tubbs and Crockett, you might as well cast them as Batman and Robin.

  7. John, you forgot MI3? ;-)

    “Munich” tops the list as it has not been released in the UK yet. The ff round up my Top 10:

    2. Da Vinci Code

    3. X3

    4. Ice Age 2

    5. Pirates of the Carribean 2

    6. MI3

    7. The Fountain

    8. Superman Returns

    9. Lady in the Water

    10. Casino Royale

  8. Hey John, I disagree on Night’s ‘The Village’. I appreciated the misdirection….I mean, c’mon, who really wanted it to be about “monsters” anyway? As for the anticipated Miami Vice, I am a critic of Jamie Foxx and quality of the roles he’s been getting. Whether we like it or not, there is a stereotype that exists for smart-mouthed, sometimes witty, black cops in Hollywood movies. Why can’t Hollywood just get it? Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Jamie Foxx, etc. I mean think about it, these movie characters are all the same guy! Heck, even Denzel Washington tried it in “Training Day” (to some extent).

    I hope you’re right about ‘Vice’. We really need a good adaptation. Personally, I won’t be holding my breath…

    ps Great blog.

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