Disney breaks a record as the Mutiny starts brewing.

Well, as it would seem, Disney is a rich company. Who woulda thunk it? MSNBC reports here that Disney broke a record for reaping a box office intake of more than 3 billion dollars. 3 Billion!.. Do you now how old I’d have to be before I saw 3 Billion dollars? 8600 Years! – And that’s if everyone suddenly started tipping well (as if you’d start doing that). As it seems, Finding Nemo and Pirates of the Caribbean made a few dollars this year. Way to go. Sort of.

In happier news, there’s a bunch of people at Disney that are unhappy with the way Michael Eisner is running the country…er.. I mean, the company. Roy Disney, who is currently stepping down from his position on the Disney Board has voiced himself in a rapid-spreading email through the company that

“Michael Eisner has lost sight of the vision upon which the company was founded. … The focus has shifted to the chase for the quick buck instead of a dedication to new and high-quality ideas.”

…And with news of the 3 billion dollars coming in, I say a big “AND HOW!”

(High quality ideas can be found in Pixar stuff, The Iron Giant and Stuff From Japan.) Speaking of which, this is apparently the link to the Quicktime Trailer of the new Innocence: Ghost in the Shell…

— If you can read japanese, I’d recommend the Innocence website – very slick stuff.

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