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Audio Edition – September 18th 2006

AudioDescription=On today’s installment of The Audio Edition, Doug and I discuss:

1) Papal infalability theology

2) Guba 1000% increase in internet movie sales

3) Heath Ledger Hatres Comic Book movies

4) Hating movies people love

5) Roman Polanski – child rapist living large

6) Jim Carrey’s future

7) Motley Crue movie

8) Earagon Trailer

9) Amazon Unboxed – Run away from it

10) Tom Cruise Goon Squad

11) Jet Li and Jackie Chan doing a film together

12) Matt Damon isn’t Captain Kirk

13) Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash is still alive?

14) Guy Pearce as Harvy Dent?

All this and a few things more.


Audio Edition – April 5th 2006

AudioDescription=Today, Doug and I discuss Scarlett Johansson playing a 14 year old in a new Napolean film, Remo WIlliams coming back to the big screen, we go off on a tangent about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Sean Connery in a cameo role in the new James Bond film, Ice Man Cheating on Rogue in X-Men 3 (we are such geeks), Charlotte’s Web, Jessica Simpson being cast in Baywatch The Movie, and think about just how bad The Benchwarmers is going to be. All this and a few things more.

All of the Winners From the 2024 Oscars

After a year of phenomenal and innovative filmmaking, the 2024 Oscars winners are finally here to tell us what we already know: it was a great year for cinema. But it’s not all about personal opinions regarding what makes a great film. It’s about hardworking behind-the-scenes teams, talented cast members, … [Read More]