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Ocean’s 13

I really enjoyed Ocean’s 11. I even liked Ocean’s 12… just not as much. Well now here comes the word that Ocean’s 13 is on its way: George Clooney’s an Academy Award winner, he and his crew are returning to their thieving ways. Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon will … [Read More]

John Reviews The Brothers Grimm

Title=The Brothers Grimm
Summary=The dialog in the film is a joke, the character direction was horrible, the visual effects look like they were done in 2001 and all of the supporting characters were such extreme 1 dimensional goof balls that I kept wishing I had to go to the bathroom to give myself a good excuse for leaving the theater if even for just a moment.

The Bourne Ultimatum

I mildly enjoyed The Bourne Identity, and also enjoyed The Bourne Ultimatum (although I didn’t really thing either were great films). Matt Damon has both a fantastic charm and intensity when he needs them both on screen and he was enough to carry both films. It won’t surprise any of … [Read More]

The Curse of the Shaking Camera

Has there been any worse curse inflicted on movie fans than the “technique”of the Shaking Camera?!?! I can’t really put my finger on when the trend started… but I can tell you when I first really noticed it. The abomination that was “Battlefield Earth”. In Battlefield Earth the “director” (if … [Read More]

MTV Movie Award Nominees 2005

Well the Oscars may look to the great, unique and classic movies and stars, but MTV goes for the popular, the loud and the explosive, and why the hell not, these need to be rewarded too. So with that, MTV are announcing their nominees for their 2005 Movie Awards, and … [Read More]

Empire 2005 award winners announced

Awards, awards, awards. Who cares anymore? The Oscars are over right? Well the Empire Awards aren’t, and love them, loathe them, or not even care who they are, they do tend to have some interesting results. So, without further ado, here are the winners: Best Newcomer Freddie Highmore Finding Neverland … [Read More]