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Review: Paul

Thanks for checking out our Paul Review Genre: Comedy/ Sci Fi/ Bromance Directed by: Greg Mottola Staring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jason Bateman Released: 14th Febuary (UK and Ireland) 18th March (North America) THE GENERAL IDEA Two British geeks Clive (Nick Frost) and Graeme (Simon Pegg) … [Read More]

New Thor Trailer

A new trailer for Thor has shown up online, and forgive me for being unprofesional but this calls for a GEEK SQUEEE! It’s good, more like the Thor I wanted to see, a big boisterous, wordy god, who seems completely out of place. Thor is one of the few marvel … [Read More]

New Mars Needs Moms Trailer

What can I say? This actually disgusts me, its just awful looking. I can’t stand this type of ‘animated’ film, its just that motion capture…it just reminds me of rotoscoping, which shares the same horrid unnatural look. (naturally theres exceptions, like avatar etc) Anyway, I’m guessing some of you might … [Read More]

Zombieland 2 Cast Issues

It seems Zombieland 2 could be in a little bit of trouble, due to the stars either having better offers or just not being interested. Woody Harrelson has been kind of negative when refering to the sequel: Total Film Via Get The Big Picture “I’m sure it will happen, if … [Read More]