Andrea Lestrange

Transcendence Trailer

With the cinematographer of The Dark Knight Rises directing this movie, and the director of The Dark Knight Rises producing this movie, I think audiences are in for a pretty special treat. Along with Christopher Nolan and Wally Pfister working their magic behind the camera, there is an impressive cast … [Read More]

Rob The Mob: Trailer

  Based on a true story. Good start. Rob The Mob stars Michael Pitt, the widely recognised beloved Jimmy Darmody, back wrestling with mobsters – just around 100 years later. With an impressive cast featuring Andy Garcia and Ray Romano, with the appearance of a few familiar Sopranos faces, Rob … [Read More]

In Secret: Trailer

  So, the Olsen Twins’ little sister is really coming up in the film world hey, and she’s a pretty good actress. Note…success of a non child-star. In Secret looks to be a pretty dramatic adulterous love-story, the kind you imagined to have happened quite frequently back in the old … [Read More]

Gimme Shelter: Trailer

    I really enjoy a good ‘based on a true story.’ It looks like twee Miss Hudgens is really hardening up…the trailer has convinced me enough, with what looks like is going to be a fantastic performance from her. With an impressive cast including James Earl Jones, Rosario Dawson, … [Read More]