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Insidious: Haunt Us in New Movie Arrives Summer 2025

Looks like those creepy red demon dudes from “Insidious” just can’t stay dead. Sony Pictures just announced a brand new movie in the franchise, hitting theaters in the summer of 2025. Mark your calendars for August 29th, because that’s when you’ll get your next dose of spooky thrills.

This is the sixth film in the “Insidious” saga, which seems to be following the lead of Michael Myers because it just won’t stay buried! Remember that spin-off movie with Mandy Moore and Kumail Nanjiani? Yeah, this ain’t that. This is a whole new story set in the creepy world James Wan and Leigh Whannell cooked up way back in 2010.

Still Stuck Between Worlds

For those who haven’t explored the terrifying depths of “The Further,” here’s a quick explainer. Imagine a shadow dimension filled with angry spirits who want nothing more than to yank you into their creepy realm. That’s basically the setting for all the “Insidious” movies. And guess what? This new flick is no different. Get ready for some serious chills!

This new “Insidious” movie comes hot on the heels of “Insidious: The Red Door,” which director Patrick Wilson totally crushed in his directorial debut. That movie raked in over $189 million worldwide, proving horror fans just can’t get enough of these creepy demon dudes. Blumhouse Productions, the horror factory behind “Insidious,” is back at it again, and they’re ready to scare the popcorn out of your hands.

More Horror on the Horizon

While details about the new “Insidious” movie are scarce, one thing’s for sure: it joins a packed horror slate for 2025. Sony’s got a new “I Know What You Did Last Summer” slashin’ its way to theaters in July, and Blumhouse is unleashing a whole mess of spooky flicks including “The Woman in the Yard,” “Drop,” and the highly anticipated “Five Nights at Freddy’s 2.” Basically, horror hounds are gonna eatin’ good next year!

So, there you have it folks. Mark your calendars for August 29th, 2025, because “Insidious” is coming back to mess with your dreams (and maybe even make you afraid to sleep). Get ready for some jump scares, creepy demon dudes, and enough scares to last a lifetime. Just don’t blame us if you wake up in a cold sweat – you were warned!

(Source: Deadline)

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