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Hiroyuki Sanada Shogun Season 2

Hiroyuki Sanada Signs On for Possible Shogun Season 2

Looks like FX might be getting schooled in the art of the sequel! According to Variety, the historical epic “Shogun” is gearing up for a possible Season 2, with badass actor Hiroyuki Sanada returning to the fray. Remember “Shogun”? It was that limited series that took us on a wild ride through 17th century Japan. Sanada played the ruthless Lord Yoshii Toranaga, and let’s just say things got pretty political – think “Game of Thrones” in kimonos.

While “Shogun” was originally billed as a one-and-done deal, those high seas adventures clearly struck a chord with viewers. The show raked in a whopping 9 million views across Hulu, Disney+, and Star+ in its first week, that’s more than “The Bear” Season 2, people! Clearly, there’s an appetite for more feudal Japanese drama. So, what does this mean for Season 2? Sanada signing on is a big step, but it’s not a guaranteed green light. FX is still playing it cool, keeping their lips sealed on the official renewal. But hey, with Sanada back on board and those juicy viewership numbers, things are looking promising!

If Season 2 does happen, expect even more epic battles, political intrigue, and clash of cultures. We might also see the return of Cosmo Jarvis as the shipwrecked Englishman John Blackthorne, who gets tangled up in Toranaga’s web of power. A Season 2 renewal would be a major shake-up for the Emmys. “Shogun” would be thrown into the drama ring, going head-to-head with heavy hitters like “The Crown” and “The Morning Show” instead of chilling in the limited series category. Talk about a high-stakes duel!

Whether Season 2 happens or not, one thing’s for sure: FX is clearly betting big on “Shogun.” And with Sanada leading the charge, it’s a gamble we’re definitely interested in seeing play out. Stay tuned, history buffs – this story might just have another chapter!

(Source: Variety)

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