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ARTICLE 370: The True Story Of Politics And Terrorism In Kashmir

Article 370 poster

Article 370 (2024): Featuring Yami Gautam (Right) and Priyamani (Left)

Kashmir was once a heaven on earth. Now, our generation fears visiting that very heaven. Why? Nobody, not even the bravest of the brave, would like to get shot by some Jihad-crazy terrorist or become a victim of brainwashed stone pelters all of a sudden while on a family holiday trip!

When filmmakers invest a few crores in making a movie and their gross business reaches several hundred crores, that’s when that film gains the status of a “public film”. It is then you can address that movie to be superhit! Ask the makers of “URI” and “The Kashmir Files”. Anti-terrorism movies are on their hype in India and from that same anti-terrorism genre comes award-winning writer and director Aditya Suhas Jambhale’s “Article 370”. Starring Yami Gautam and Priyamani, the thrilling film made its theatrical debut on February 23, 2024.

The History Of Article 370 Narrated By Ajay Devgn: How Pakistan Illegally Occupied Part Of Kashmir After Independence

A still from Article 370

Article 370 is bound to make history in Indian cinema after URI and The Kashmir Files. The story is depicted from the eyes of a Kashmiri woman who wants to destroy the demons who are invading this “heaven” in India.

Who are these demons? The Jihadi terrorists or the brainwashed protestors pelting stones at innocent people in Kashmir. No! They are just puppets at the hands of the real demons, some powerful and corrupt politicians who actually support and drive them.

The Revolution Begins: Poora Ka Poora KASHMIR BHARAT Desh ka Hissa THA, HAIN Aur RAHEGA!

A still from Article 370

In URI, it was Vicky Kaushal eradicating terrorists in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (POK), which was a true surgical operation conducted by India at the POK where Indian commandos entered and destroyed every terrorist hiding in the region.

Now, Yami Gautam takes the lead in Jambhale’s Article 370 as a secret agent to overpower terrorism in Kashmir. Stay tuned readers, because this is also a true story like URI! India, from time to time, has taken on brutal and parasitic terrorists who have invaded and plagued Kashmir.

Article 370 (2024) Official Trailer:

The Good:

A still from Article 370

In Hindu Mythology, Gods used divine weapons to destroy powerful demons who tried to invade heaven. But we, the people of India, have one divine weapon that can overpower any form of demonic act like terrorism in our motherland. That divine weapon is our Indian Constitution. However, the twist in the tale of Article 370 lies in the fact that the law and order and the powerful politicians are actually supporting and saving terrorism in Kashmir.

Again, in Hindu Mythology, I will tell you the tale of an immortal demon known as “Raktbeej”. Raktbeej could generate his clones from his drops of blood that fell to the ground. That made him invincible and no God could defeat or kill him. Whenever some God tried to slay Raktbeej, he would regenerate back into multiple clones. So, the more they killed, the more clones of Raktbeej emerged! That’s when Goddess Kaali took form and drank all of his blood. No blood in his body left Raktbeej incapable of regenerating his clones. Goddess Kaali destroyed all the remaining clones of Raktbeej by drinking their blood as well. This strategy of Goddess Kaali put an end to the demon.

Article 370 poster

In Article 370, terrorism and corrupt politicians denote the demon Raktbeej, and Yami Gautam’s daredevil female character signifies Goddess Kaali. But in Kaliyug, a single Goddess can’t defeat such a humongous demon like terrorism. So, we have Yami Gautam and Priyamani, who act as two powerful Goddesses to overpower this evil.

The best part is that there are no heroes in this film and unlike other Bollywood movies, women here take the lead. They are no longer decorative showpieces for heroes to romance. They have their own superpowers and that’s what you call true women empowerment!

Yami has given an insanely powerful performance as a daring secret agent giving the terrorists in Kashmir a massive blow from a woman’s fists. Her remarkable performance can give you goosebumps if you are a true patriot. In a scene, she explains the situation of terrorism that has plagued Kashmir. Whether Article 370 is to be abrogated from the Indian Constitution or not, the answer to this question you will get from the look in her eyes once you watch this mystery-thriller.

A still from Article 370

Yami Gautam in a gun action sequence on the sets of Article 370

I also must appreciate Jambhale’s efforts in making Article 370 an entertaining cinematic experience rather than a history lecture class. Film presentations showcasing India’s history can be tough and if not presented properly, they can turn out pretty boring! But not the case with Article 370.

I have to say, after many years I have watched such an interesting as well as daring movie where the filmmakers have shown politics running side by side with terrorism. In short, they didn’t care to hide anything about this true story and that’s worth appreciating. A thrilling film that in my words, is more real than reality!

Politics with terrorism! The film’s unique narrative has been blended with cryptic and convincing visuals, mind-blowing suspense, genuine emotions, and exciting action. It has been presented very cleverly where we can see Parliamentary disputes running parallelly with terrorism.

The Bad:

The only complaint I have with Article 370 is that the makers could have considered highlighting the negative characters more prominently in terms of their evil behaviors and intentions. That would have made the drama even livelier. Moreover, Article 370 has been banned in Gulf and Islamic countries.

The Verdict:

Article 370 poster

Extreme Left: Arun Govil as India’s Prime Minister (signifying Narendra Modi) and Extreme Right: Kiran Karmarkar as Home Minister Madhav Patel (signifying Amit Shah)

“Poora Ka Poora KASHMIR BHARAT Desh ka Hissa THA, HAIN Aur RAHEGA!” It is an undeniable fact that the entire state of Kashmir belongs to India! Pakistanis are illegally occupying the POK territory along with gifting a portion called “Aksai Chin” to its ally, China.

Trust me, if you want to experience an engaging story that reveals the true situation of terrorism and bloodshed in Kashmir, then you can go for Article 370. But, if you are still not convinced with the story, then you can consider not wasting your hard-earned money at the theater show.

Article 370

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