Scarygirl Review: A Vibrant Adventure through Darkness and Light

Scarygirl (2023).

Ricard Cussó‘s animated film Scarygirl embarks on a visually dazzling journey that blurs the line between reality and fantasy. Rooted in the universe of the popular adventure-platform game, the film takes its audience on a gripping odyssey through darkness and light, showcasing the power of courage and resilience in the face of fear. While it boasts an enchanting premise and an impressive voice cast, the film stumbles at times, preventing it from reaching its full potential. Read on for my Scarygirl review.

The Good Of This Scarygirl Review:

Scarygirl (2023).

At its core, Scarygirl revolves around a young girl named Arkie, voiced with earnest charm by Jillian Nguyen. Living in a world consumed by darkness, Arkie must confront her deepest fears and venture into a mysterious city of light. Her mission is not only to save her father from the clutches of the nefarious Dr. Maybee, portrayed with sinister brilliance by Sam Neill, but also to prevent the impending destruction of her planet. Along the way, Arkie is joined by a quirky cast of characters, including the wise Bunniguru (Remy Hii), the rough yet lovable Blister (Rob Collins), and the enigmatic Chihoohoo (Tim Minchin).

One of the film’s standout features is its breathtaking animation. The visual world of Scarygirl is a vivid tapestry of colours and creativity, with each frame brimming with intricate details. From the eerie depths of Arkie’s nightmares to the ethereal beauty of the city of light, the animation captures the essence of the source material, immersing the audience in a visually stunning experience. The character designs are particularly noteworthy, with Arkie herself being a captivating blend of innocence and determination, brought to life with exquisite animation and expressive voice acting.

The voice cast, led by Jillian Nguyen’s heartfelt performance as Arkie, delivers commendable work, breathing life into their respective characters. Remy Hii brings a sense of wisdom and warmth to Bunniguru, while Rob Collins injects Blister with a rough-around-the-edges charm. Sam Neill’s portrayal of the menacing Dr. Maybee is delightfully menacing, adding depth to the film’s antagonist. However, it’s Tim Minchin’s enigmatic and whimsical rendition of Chihoohoo that steals the show, infusing the character with a perfect balance of mystery and humour.

The Bad Parts Within This Scarygirl Review:

Scarygirl (2023).

Despite its visual and vocal strengths, Scarygirl falters in its narrative execution. The film occasionally struggles to maintain a cohesive pace, resulting in moments where the plot feels rushed or underdeveloped. Certain character arcs, particularly those of supporting characters like Blister and Bunniguru, lack the depth needed to form a genuine emotional connection with the audience. As a result, the film’s emotional impact is somewhat diminished, hindering the viewer’s ability to fully invest in the characters’ journeys.

Additionally, while the film successfully explores themes of courage, friendship, and self-discovery, it occasionally veers into predictable territory. Some plot twists and character motivations feel familiar and lack the innovation that could have elevated the film to a higher level of storytelling. The dialogue, while generally serviceable, occasionally falls into clichés, preventing the characters from engaging in truly memorable exchanges.


Scarygirl is a visually enchanting adventure that captures the essence of its source material with stunning animation and a talented voice cast. While its narrative shortcomings prevent it from reaching the heights of excellence, the film remains an enjoyable experience, particularly for fans of the original game. Ricard Cussó’s imaginative direction and the dedicated performances of the cast ensure that Scarygirl shines brightly, even amidst its narrative flaws. It offers a captivating journey through darkness and light, inviting viewers to embrace the power of bravery in the face of adversity.

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Scarygirl Review: A Vibrant Adventure through Darkness and Light
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