The Best Movies About Gambling in 2023

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The best casino movies span decades of Hollywood production, from the classics to the most recent blockbusters. They have the potential to be humorous, dramatic, and riveting. Regardless of their premise, all the gambling movies have revolutionized the gaming environment and the casino sector.

The following films have been selected with the avid gambler in mind; whether you enjoy playing blackjack online at or spending hours spinning the reels of your favorite slot machines, you will enjoy them.

There have been a wide variety of films depicting the gambling world’s highs and lows, humor, and tragedy.

Gambling is gambling, whether in a flashy casino or the seedy backroom of a seedier underground club; you take your chances and hopefully come out alive.

Our top recommendations for films centered around casinos and gamblers, featuring unforgettable screen personalities.

Ocean’s Eleven of 2001

The best heist film ever made, and it just so happens to be set in a casino! Casinos hold the same amount of cash as banks do, but they are much noisier, busier, and simpler to sneak around.

However, a professional crew with lots of robbery expertise should be able to pull it off.

They simultaneously enter the Mirage, Bellagio, and MGM Grand.

Steven Soderbergh, the film’s director, walks us through every step of the elaborate preparation and execution and then provides a satisfying outcome. Ocean’s Eleven is the most well-known heist film of recent years while receiving surprisingly few Oscar nominations.

The Sting of 1973

There are many crossovers between gambling movies and caper movies, which is undoubtedly the case with The Sting. Starring Paul Newman (whom I must say is no slouch when it comes to hustling), The Sting follows two professional con artists as they attempt to scam the mob.

The Sting, directed by George Roy Hill, is set in the grimy backrooms of Illinois during the Great Depression.

Shaw (Paul Newman) and Kelly (Robert Redford) are becoming increasingly bold with their frauds, and they jump headfirst into $500,000. Ten million dollars in the year 2022!

On Christmas Day, The Sting hit shelves. While it’s not exactly a holiday classic, this movie was a huge smash and took home seven Oscars.

Hard Eight of 1996

Paul Thomas Anderson’s first feature established several signature elements, including ensemble casts, episodic structuring, lengthy takes, solitary characters, etc. His distinctive cinematography, typically shot by Robert Elswit, reflects his interest in interpersonal relationships.

Hard Eight is a well-made crime film with excellent pacing that originated as a short film in 1993. 

Uncut Gems of 2019

Uncut Gems doesn’t seem like a gambling movie at first glance. No roulette wheels or token stacks can be found. However, it does feature a frantic Adam Sandler pawning NBA Champion Kevin Garnett’s ring in a six-way parlay on Garnett’s team winning the game.

Sandler’s Howard keeps betting big while attempting to run a diamond store in the Diamond District, even though he already owes $100,000 to his loan shark brother-in-law. He also has a divorce on the horizon and a new employee-girlfriend to accommodate.

It’s a Safdie film, so you know many flashing neon signs will draw attention to the film’s bleak themes. Regarding Adam Sandler’s meme-friendly filmography, Uncut Gems is a rare gem.

The Color of Money of 1986

Director Martin Scorsese, actor Tom Cruise, and actor Paul Newman collaborated on the film The Color of Money. Indeed that’s enough to get you excited to tune in right away!

Set 25 years after Robert Rossen’s 1961 movie, The Color of Money has Paul Newman as “Fast Eddie,” a retired pool hustler who teaches Vincent (Tom Cruise) the finer points of life. I’m thinking of the pool in particular.

Vincent and Eddie hit the road to visit every pool club in the area to win primarily through gambling and scams. They’re both eager to get to Atlantic City and play some nine-ball, but their egos might get in the way.

The “color of money” is the color of a pool table, immersing the two players in a sea of verdant light.

Molly’s Game of 2017

In his directorial debut, Aaron Sorkin depicts the true story of Molly Bloom, the leader of Hollywood’s underground poker scene.

Hollywood’s A-list stars, musicians, moguls, athletes, and criminals all stake their fortunes in her casino. The FBI’s involvement is bad news for Molly.

One of the year’s most influential and dynamic female performances came from Jessica Chastain, who courageously demonstrated how one woman could stand up to the most powerful men in the world.

The over two-hour memoir nominated for an Oscar doesn’t drag at all. Molly’s Game is everything you want in a crime drama: tense, exciting, and carried by superb performances.

The Gambler of 1974

The Gambler, remade in 2014 by Rupert Wyatt, was met with lackluster reviews due to how it differs from the 1974 classic. Karel Reisz directed the original film, and its star James Caan received a Golden Globe nomination for his performance.

Axel Freed comes from a long line of successful medical professionals and entrepreneurs, but he chose to pursue a career in teaching English instead. Axel’s family may be underestimating his success, but he’s been running up big tabs and angering his mafia bookie.

Axel’s gambling habit escalates to the point where he borrows thousands of dollars from his mom and even risks his own life in the games. James Caan, struggling with his heroin addiction throughout production, infused his portrayal with genuine desperation.

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