Medusa Gems Slot Could be Set to Get Even More Attention from New TV Series

In the online slots market, ancient Greek themes are hugely popular and make up a large percentage of games. Because the era is prevalent in other areas of the entertainment industry, it always attracts a lot of interest.

Now, the number of players flocking to games based on the famous stories from that time could be set to increase. This is because the hugely popular Jessica Parker Kennedy has just been cast as Medusa in an upcoming television series.

Medusa Gems Slot is One of the Top Games at Online Casinos

When players log on to online casinos to play fun online slots, they’re always in search of the games that stand out among long lists of titles. One of the offerings that fits the bill is Medusa Gems, an ancient Greece-themed reel spinner from GGN – Core. It features the legendary gorgon and is known for its high volatility.

Even players who don’t know anything about Medusa could be drawn to Medusa Gems, as it is a colourful title with engaging imagery. It features emeralds, amber, ruby and amethyst on the reels, and there are diamonds that lead to bigger prizes as well.

Jessica Parker Kennedy Soon to Take on the Role

It was recently announced that Medusa will be hitting screens in a new television series, and it’s an exciting prospect to see the fearsome snake-haired monster in a mainstream production. Despite Medusa’s notoriety in the myths of ancient Greece, she hasn’t been prevalent in well-known films or television series.

Kennedy is set to play the part of Medusa, and many people are impressed with the acting choice. The 38-year-old has been one of the most prolific television actresses in recent years, having appeared in six different shows in 2017 alone. This was thanks to her standout performance as Max in Black Sails between 2014 and 2017. She was one of the most popular characters in the pirate-themed series, and often stole the scenes that she was in. More recently, Kennedy starred as Nora West-Allen / XS in The Flash. The Canadian featured in 33 episodes of The CW’s series.

Why are Ancient Greek Themes so Popular?

There’s no doubt that this upcoming series featuring Medusa will get a lot of attention, as ancient Greek themes have always fascinated people throughout the history of popular culture. It could be the case that many entertainment fans can easily see the way that the stories of that age inspired many of the works of modern times.

It could also be to do with the fact that adaptations of ancient Greek tales have been so abundant in every generation of entertainment that people have become so used to them. Audiences feel an affinity towards these stories, and when they encounter new offerings based on them there’s an instant feeling of familiarity.

There’s no doubt that when Kennedy appears as Medusa on screen, she’ll help bring more attention to the character. This could lead to even more interest in games like Medusa Gems.


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