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A women-centric action spy thriller is coming to thrill you even more! Scheduled to be released by Universal Pictures on January 15, 2021, The 355 revolves around a group of five women who risk their lives to recover a devastating weapon which has fallen in wrong hands. It stars Jessica Chastain as CIA agent Mason Brown who teams up with rival international agents Marie (Diane Kruger), Khadijah (Lupita Nyong’o) and Graciela (Penélope Cruz). What’s more, their every move in the mission is getting tracked by a mysterious woman named Lin Mi Sheng (Fan Bingbing). Co-stars include Édgar Ramirez and Sebastian Stan.

Watching the trailer we come across some intense gun and fight scenes. It shows some death defying stunts performed by the actresses as well. They are seen fighting some random people, perhaps the enemy’s gang. Action scenes have been shot across various locations which include cafes in Paris, Moroccan markets as well as wealthy Shanghai regions. The trailer gives us a notion that the movie is going to be a badass action one.

In my opinion, the trailer could have been better. Most of it, almost the entire first half covers Mason Brown being appointed for the mission and getting familiar with her rival agents to team up and form the 355 gang. It also shows the women disguising themselves in various attires while on their mission. Some more limelight could have been given to the weapon and the mysterious villain as well rather than focusing mainly on the agents and their action sequences. The devastating weapon which is said to “destabilize entire countries” appears to be a bomb of some sort as we see some blast sequences initially.

In short, the trailer gives the essence of The 355 to be an action movie rather than a thriller. So the saying goes apt for this, “There’s always a better way!”

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