“Legally Blond” and 9 Other Movies About Education and College

Dusty desks and boring teachers can upset even the most motivated student. No matter whether you are feeling nostalgic about your college years or forcing yourself to study – our movie list won’t leave you indifferent. Perhaps you have already watched “Good Will Hunting” and “The Social Network,” but there are more good movies on this topic to watch. To win more time for watching a movie, you can get a cheap essay and receive professional writing help. In the list below we want to share with you various movies, from comedies to dramas, connected to the life of students and education. Let’s explore!


1. “Struck by Lightning” (2012)

In the center of the plot is a senior student who desires to leave his small town and become a successful journalist in the New Yorker or the Los Angeles Times. He is smart beyond his years, cunning, and insightful. To make his dream come true he needs to get into a prestigious college, and Carson Phillips would do anything. But his desires and commitments push him to blackmail, as he thinks that nothing can stop him from making his dream come true. However, the powers of nature don’t care about human plans. This film is not only about dreams and how to persistently pursue them. It’s about the time that passes – and you shouldn’t wait to start living right now.


2. “Dear White People” (2014)

This movie is about urgent questions about racial discrimination and stereotypes. Justin Simien skillfully uses a complex plot, and virtuously plays with color, close-ups, and music. Sam White (get the irony?) is a show host and represents the voice of African-American students. She exposes racial prejudice and actively participates in college activities. This character explains to the white students why they are wrong and gives answers to urgent questions, such as “why shouldn’t you touch an afro?” This movie is about defining the borders of political correctness and racial discrimination in the example of two different sides in college. But most importantly, the film asks questions about stereotypes and outdated points of view. This film will match those who seek for inspiration and motivation.

3. “Legally Blond” (2001)

Who has never heard of a blond law student? Reese Witherspoon once played Elle Woods – a kind idealist who pursues a career and searches for decent relationships. The main heroine became a role model for generations of girls. Her self-irony, easygoing character, and power to overcome superficial opinions help to fight stereotypes of women and make us believe that everything is possible. Elle Woods is one of the greatest characters who can calm down people who devalue their interests and knowledge. The movie tells us that there is no unnecessary knowledge, as you may face a situation where you will need it.


4. “Accepted” (2006)

After graduating from school, Bartleby Gaines decided to go to university – but he failed eight times! He is not a lazybones or an idiot. Bartebly comes up with a way out in order not to upset his parents. Judging fairly, if there is no place that can accept you, why wouldn’t you create it by yourself? The film seems like a fantasy but teaches us that we must fight to the end, choose our own path, and develop in the chosen direction. The aim of life is to find a place in the world – wouldn’t you agree?


5. “Three Idiots” (2009)

Have you ever seen an Indian movie? “Three Idiots” is a modern movie about three college friends that face typical student problems, such as boring teachers and stupid classmates. The movie title may mistakenly form an image of three vulgar morons like in “Dumb and Dumber.” In fact, the film is about three good, intelligent, and inquisitive guys who are not afraid to speak out against the system, and are not afraid to say what they think. In this movie, you will find everything: humor, philosophy, psychology, friendship, love, kind promises, sense, and some bright dances and songs.


6. “Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story” (2003)

The movie is based on a real story and tells the story about a girl who lives with her sister and drug-addicted parents in a poor area. She has no one to ask for help, and doesn’t know what to do. The only good thing she has is her memories, and these memories help her believe in a bright future. Liz finds herself at a crossroads: to end up like her parents, or try to get away from this stricken life. The film is enlightening and proves that a person can decide who to become by themselves, not by his or her upbringing, parents, or other circumstances.


7. “Kicking and Screaming” (1995)

Noah Baumbach’s debut movie is about the problems of college students and how to stop being afraid of the future. A few friends who graduated from school continue to stick together after enrolling in college. They experience standard situations familiar to everyone: someone breaks up, someone leaves, and someone goes to the tenth year of study, just not to face reality. While watching the movie, we unwittingly understand that all people are participants of the most grandiose deception in history: you can’t feel when you become an adult, and no one knows what to do with themselves. All we can do is move forward.


8. “The Great Debaters” (2007)

The movie is about a debate club created by one of the teachers in a college “only for blacks.” These black debaters prove their right to existence, education, and to attend colleges with whites. This movie is based on real events and allows us to look at interracial relations in America in times of “white” and “black” conflicts. “The Great Debaters” reminds us about the power of the spoken word, and that this important skill is frequently ignored in modern education.


9. “Old School” (2002)

The film raises the problem of middle age and kindly makes fun of its manifestations. In “Old School” you can see a lot of references to cult films, which is definitely a plus. While it’s a comedy, it has a valuable meaning: the best university events will be with you forever, and there is no need to arrange a fake brotherhood and torment newcomers. The film is almost 15 years old, but it is still relevant and can be watched in one breath.


10. “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” (1997)

 As you can see from the title, the movie tells a story about two young women who decided to visit a ten-year high school reunion. The girls want to show their former classmates how much they have achieved in life. They want to look successful and attractive. As the state of affairs is far from reality, a small lie helps them to achieve their goal. The movie tells us not to be ashamed of who we have become, and to think whether you need to attend a high school reunion or not.

Is popcorn ready? Hopefully you will choose one for the evening watch. Enjoy!



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