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Baby Groot is probably the most adorable thing you’ll see in the morning

EDIT: And just like that this post got upgraded from a mere article about a poster to our first teaser trailer for the film. Naturally, I’m bumping this up to FEATURE status.

Oh man this trailer does just enough to give some familiarity of the humor that I loved in the first film and teases more of that in the sequel. There’s something brewing as far as a possible Star-Lord and Gamora romance and, of all people, Drax has taken it upon himself to advise our Star-Lord in the ways of…dancing? I love it.

Original post and poster below



So I was going to make this a post about how Marvel released a new Guardians of the Galaxy poster. I really really was. but then my mind took a second look at the poster and I wondered where Groot was and then I looked down. OMFG!


Marvel’s marketing team is going to love this. Why did they even bother wasting time putting anyone else on this thing? I didn’t think they could top my favorite desk toy of potted groot but man alive look at this little guy!



Bye bye potted Groot, hello Pinnochi-groot



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