Amazing Man Cave Theaters

7 Amazing Man Caves

The Euro championships are going on right now, and as a guy, you would want a place where you can retreat to and enjoy every pulsating match, without so much as a distraction from excited kids or the neighbour’s barking dog.

Every guy should have a man cave in his house, where they can relax and enjoy some ‘me-time’. If you don’t, consider getting one, whether it is a metal-works garage or a quiet reading library. There are some guys who have stepped up the game and remodelled their man caves to epic proportions you would never have imagined. The following are 7 amazing examples:

1 Pool Table Man Cave

pool tables

This is for the man’s man. If you have friends who like to wager you a bet on trick-shots, this room is perfect. Wow them with the pool table man cave. This cozy room isn’t only built for pool, as there is an LCD TV in the corner for movies, and a bar for that fancy wine collection if you are a connoisseur.


2 James Bond Man Cave


Are you a James Bond fan? Then this man cave is awesome for relaxing with a certain Pussy Galore or Holly Goodhead. Or, you may just want to recline in the leather sofa as you read the details of your next mission. While you do so, don’t forget your glass of martini; shaken not stirred.

3 Pool Man Cave


Talk about a real cave! This is for those long days after work. Ditch the suit and tie for your pool briefs. Relax and let the gentle water current sweep over your strained muscles. If it is a weekend, invite the guys and share the latest banter over some beer.

4 Bar Man Cave


If you delight in a delicately mixed cocktail, spare no room for this particular design. The bar man cave is the quintessential type man cave for every guy with a head for liquor. What’s more, there is a fancy pool table for long nights of smokes and smart-shots. Spy the glittering electric guitar in the corner. If you aren’t drinking or smacking the 8th ball, then you could probably be strumming your own version of Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”. The fancy lamp shades also add a touch of class to this cosy man cave. It’s definitely a favorite.

5 The Library Man Cave


Not everybody wants to play snooker and gist over drinks, at least not all the time. This man cave is for those times you like to sit quietly and think. Work on projects, read that new book or write into your private journal; the library man cave is about intuitive reflection. If your partner is into books too, lots of time can be shared here exchanging ideas and having witty conversations. There’s no telling what brilliant ideas you’ll come up with.

6 The Batman Cave


For the cinephiles who like to go a little extra with their viewing experience, or the avid batman fan, this man cave is designed to accommodate your great personality. Dim the lights and revel in the comfort of this real batty cave. Your movie experience is going to be enhanced under this tranquil environment. The TV is very important in a Movie Cave as JNB Aerials Tv installations experts quote “You should always get the biggest flat screen you can afford for maximum viewing pleasure over the years you will have you amazing man cave”.

7 Star Wars Man Cave


So you are still a nerd at heart, nothing wrong with that. This Star Wars man cave brings a spacey feeling to your ‘me time’ and is perfect for the coming sequel to “The Force Awakens”. Watch out for those storm troopers because the screen is going to make every laser beam seem like the real thing.

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