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The full trailer for Jurassic World spontaneously appeared on the internet ahead of the scheduled Thanksgiving day festivities! Stop what you’re doing and watch!


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Chris Pratt just has a nice familiar aura that I appreciate. Seeing him intertwining with my memories of 1993 make a great impression and makes me look forward to 2015! There are a few things I’ve noticed while watching this trailer:


  1. The park being open looks awesome! It’s looks like a place that (rich) people would actually visit on vacation
  2. They are modernizing the science – A big part of the first film was the idea that science would make archaeology obsolete, and in this trailer they pretty much drive that one home
  3. They are expermenting with cloning – DNA hybrid? Smells like a clone to me, right Ryan?
  4. They have reinstated the fear – Something I thought that the first Jurassic Park achieved but the others couldn’t fully duplicate is the scare factor. My fear of dinosaurs diminished greatly after watching a T-Rex tear through a major city and that’s because it suspended my plausible belief that something like this was possible and couldn’t really be recovered. I guess a good decade and some modernization go a lot further than I would have guessed.
  5. They are still finding things in that damn mosquito! The famous mosquito found in amber with dinosaur DNA makes a cameo in the trailer to tickle the right spots for those who are fans of the original trilogy.
  6. They have returned the original score. That theme? Can you feel it? It’s awesome mix worthy.


Did you spot anything we missed?


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2 thoughts on “Full Trailer: Jurassic World

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  2. I think its interesting how it appears that they “tamed” the velociraptors with Chris Pratt riding the bike at the end. That will no doubt be an interesting factor in the movie. I agree with the “scare tactic” they used in the original film and in the Lost World. That to me is what really brings out the tone of the films. I also hope they use more practical effects than CGI because Spielberg was a master at crafting those animatronics. They looked deadly!

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