Mia Rose Frampton talks about her role in the film Tammy

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Ryan: So you have a recurring role on TV with the show ‘Make it or Break it’, we more recently saw you in Bridesmaids with the hilarious back and forth with Kristen Wiig, and in your latest film Tammy you re-team with Melissa McCarthy again. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about the film and your role in the film?


MR: Well, Tammy comes out July 2nd and it is going to be hilarious. It stars Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon and basically Melissa McCarthy plays Tammy who it just seems like nothing can go right in her life. Her husband is cheating on her, she loses her job, and so her grandmother, who is Susan, decides “let’s just go on road trip” ya know? “let’s just forget about it and go on a road trip”. So, they go on a road trip and very interesting adventures ensue including meeting me along the way. It was just so much as I got to get physical in a scene. I play a very mean girl in a very interesting and revealing outfit so that’s all I can say about my character because it makes… I mean it’s… uhm… the element of surprise.


Ryan: So would you say your role is a little bit larger in this film versus Bridesmaids?


MR: It’s about the same thing, I play a very… (laughs)… a very interesting cameo. I got to improv just like Bridesmaids so it was just another great adventure.


Ryan: So, given that Bridesmaids and Tammy are both in the same genre, it seems that these films are probably gaining the most exposure for you at this point. Would you say that you prefer the comedy genre?


MR: You know, I love comedy and improv is probably my most favorite child acting, but I am dying to do drama. Actually… my acting [coach] thinks that’s where I’m best at but I would love to do a drama next. Just looking for the right project and time. But yeah, I feel thankful for this genre because it helps me gain some extra exposure and helps me get other roles so I’m definitely thankful.


Ryan: So having a recurring more prominent role in TV with ‘Make it or Break it’ versus getting your start with film what do you think you want to pursue more? Is it really the feature film or do you want to stay in both TV and film?


MR: Well, I loved being on a television show. I loved going to work everyday and just… I loved training and playing a consistent character. My favorite thing about acting is that I can be so many different characters and still be myself at the end of the day. So, I don’t know. I’m open to anything really.


Ryan: So, I know it’s probably not coincidental that you and Melissa have worked together again, how did it come about that you were in two back-to-back films with her?


MR: Well I’d never actually met her. People think I met her on Bridesmaids. I never got the chance to but she had asked me to audition with her and Ben Falcone, the director, and I was just like ‘Oh my God this is going to be so much fun”. I just thought of it as even if I don’t get it it would be a really fun audition. So I went in and I read the scene and I didn’t really improv or anything and I was leaving and then the casting the associate ran after me. He was like ‘Come back! We’ll let you do it again!’ So I go back in and the director, Ben, was like “Can you just be a little more mean, ya know?” and I was like “I can be mean, just tell me when to hold back…” and he was like “No, don’t hold back. Be as mean as you possibly can” and I was like “Alright, well, here we go…” (laughs) and then I got to improv and it was so much fun. I laughed so much I had a huge smile on face. It was just an amazing experience just to audition. And then when she picked me I just felt super lucky and I remember getting the call from my agent, my manager, and it was a conference call and I was at school and I ran out and I was just so excited.


Ryan: That’s awesome. So, you also did another film “GBF” which is more in the indie realm and you were talking about how you wanted pursue drama. Do you think that would be an avenue that you pursue for a while? Maybe indie films? I know a lot of actors and actresses do those for their passion projects so what’s your take?


MR: DEFINITELY. Independent films definitely have more free reign whereas huge blockbuster films are very… they’re very… not really like that. In independent films there’s more variation and you have really deep and interesting character. So I loved to just have a character where I could really dive into the character and just create many layers and many facets of that character. Because for me it’s all about just developing a character and in that development figuring out who they are and… you know, who they could be in scenes and… yeah.


Ryan: Sure. So, is there anything that you’re looking forward to in the future that you can tell us about after Tammy or is that pretty much in the works for right now?


MR: It’s basically Tammy but I’m also getting ready for Kaplan University in the fall so I’m basically just doing the regular teenage thing, you know saying goodbye to my family and so im shopping and just like… You know I feel really lucky that I get to still have my career and my job and what I wanna do already figured out but I also have the opportunity to go to college and have that regular barely into adulthood experience.

Ryan: Sure, definitely. Well, make sure you keep in touch with us, we’ll keep in touch with you on how you’re career progresses and thank you for your time.


MR: No, thank you so much.


Ryan: Alright, thanks Mia.

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