An interview with Tommy Wiseau


Our very own Kenny Miles was able to get in a few questions with the director of cult classic “The Room” director Tommy Wiseau. Given the opportuniy our very own Kenny Miles reached out and asked the esteemed director a few questions about his groundbreaking film.
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Could you describe the production of The Room?


The production of The Room was very complex due to filming in two formats HD/ 35MM. For example, we had over 5,000 headshots from actors to select. I am very proud of the production and I suggest to you all to get The Room DVD & Blu-ray  and check out the behind the scenes.


Were the origins of the story inspired by real life moments or events?


Yes. We have many Johnny’s, Lisa’s, Mark’s. It is based on my experiences in life, as well as my friends. I study psychology and human behavior which is also involved.


What was your reaction when people rediscovered The Room? Any additional information you would like fans to know?


I love fans of The Room. My suggestion is that everyone should see it. It is a process of learning. Two is better than three. I am very pleased by how many people want to see it over and over and discover hidden messages within The Room as well as you discover yourself. Especially, invite your friends and see it in the theatre environment.


Do you normally appear before screenings of The Room? What are the audience reactions?


I appear only at special events at this time. The audience is very enthusiastic and I love my fans. It seems they like me apparently. We have had ten great years together and hoping for plenty more.


Do people recognize you wherever you go? If so, what is the strangest thing a fan has done?


Yes, but your question is completely off the wall.

How do you process the fact that you went from creating a financially unsuccessful movie to one of the most widely knownmidnight cult classics in our modern era?


I disagree with your statement. The Room was a success from the beginning. The foundation was there. Just like a building. You cannot have a building without a foundation. Same with success. You need a foundation. It cannot go by itself.


Do you have any additional filmmaking projects?


I will be shooting The Foreclosure this year. I am also working on The Neighbors and other projects. The Room will be heading to Broadway and 3D release as well. We are very excited at Wiseau-Films for the future. And of course, The Room will continue to tour with me.


You can lough you can cry you can express yourself but please don’t hurt each other. I love you all.

-Tommy Wiseau

Wiseau is currently in the Denver area in promotion of his work and will make an appearance at the Landmark Esquire on Saturday night.

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