Principle photography starts on Spike Lee’s Oldboy

Old Boy fans rejoice! Principle photography for the domesticated remake has begun for this film and has director Spike Lee extremely excited. The director is so excited that he’s in fact twittering all about the movie. Yes he’s twittering. Twittering all over the floor, the table, and his habit has infected the internetz with the above first photo from production.




Josh Brolin has been cast as the lead character, Joe Douchett. Sharlto Copley is playing Adrian Pryce and Elizabeth Olsen is the female lead. Samuel L Jackson also has a small, yet pivotal, role in the film.

They have supposedly gone back to the original manga for this new version of the film. Park Chan-wook’s film is a true classic. Does Spike Lee’s joint stand a chance?


Josh Brolin sure as hell has a chance and Spike Lee still has the potential to do something unexpectedly amazing if he doesn’t trip over himself. The only thing that has held Spike Lee back is Spike Lee.


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