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Rumor: Could Armie Hammer be the next Batman?


We’ve wondered about the possibilities in regards to the role of Batman and although there is nothing confirmed, there is a rumor circulating about who will be the next Batman. Armie Hammer, best known for his role in “The Social Network,” is said to be in talks to play Batman for the upcoming Justice League film.


The studio need a new guy to guard the cave now that Christian Bale has hung up the cowl. And with plans to reintroduce a younger take on the character in the upcoming “Justice League” movie, a draft of which has been completed by Will Beale, the studio has Hammer atop of their list of potentials. It’s really, when you think about it, a no-brainer. Thus, I wasn’t much surprised when informed this morning that he’s in with a good chance to play the part in the superhero tag-team movie.


Via: Movie Hole


Christopher Nolan has redefined the film version of Batman that we know. The questions I have with Armie Hammer taking the role are whether or not he will retain the dark nature of the character and how the public will respond. From his looks alone I see him as more of a Green Arrow figure than Batman but looks can be deceiving. We’ve seen Hammer play the role of a prestigious and wealthy man, so it could be assumed that the role of Bruce Wayne would be similar to his role in “The Social Network,” but I have trouble seeing Hammer play the dark alter ego of Bruce. It doesn’t mean that I don’t think he’s capable, I just haven’t seen a role that shows the dark side required for The Dark Knight. Even though the information comes from a credible source, there is still quite a bit that could happen between now and the time that a Justice League film starts production.

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