James Cameron attached to the Informationist, all hope is lost for Battle Angel


I like James Cameron as a director. I will admit that every film that that he’s directed that actually made it’s way into a theater were pretty damn exceptional films and highlight some of my favorite movies of all time. That being said, this guy follows a specific yet slow, and methodical approach to creating films. He doesn’t just write a story and get behind the camera, he immerses himself in his story by deep sea diving and god knows what else. He uses this approach to get a perspective for his movies that is not easy to duplicate and I’m proud of his approach and accomplishments. That being said, this guy pisses me off. We’re learning that Cameron has somehow agreed to attach his name to another film that he may actually consider directing in between or immediately after Avatar.


An adaptation of the Taylor Stevens novel, the story centers on a woman born in central Africa who spent her teenage years as a protege of gunners and mercenaries.

She has now reinvented herself as an information dealer for wealthy clients. She finds herself back on the Dark Continent after a billionaire hires her to find his missing daughter.

The book’s heroine, Vanessa Michael Munroe, has been called a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Lisbeth Salander from “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” trilogy.

Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment has picked up the film rights and will develop it as a directing vehicle for Cameron. He and Jon Landau will produce the project while 20th Century Fox will distribute.


And I’m counting down to Cameron’s undoubtedly forthcoming adventure into Africa to report on issues there as a cross dressing information dealer. WTF happened to Battle Angel man? Just give it to David Fincher or┬áNeill Blomkamp and collect a check as a producer. Please. Guillermo Del Toro would be happy to work too.



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