The new Robocop’s ED-209

The Robocop reboot has a lot of great things going for it including a stellar cast. Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Laurie, and Joel Kinnaman in our favorite officer’s roboboots. A viral video has been discovered that shows us some of the design and style used in the film by showcasing the new ED-209. Don’t remember what an ED-209 is? This picture, and video, will surely job your memory.



I like the look of the ED-209 and how they decided to maintain the visual aesthetics to the original used back in the 80’s. It certainly looks menacing and easily dispatched that tank  with enough force to realize that this thing is a bonafide threat to whoever is on the other end of those barrels. A modernization of the original decor and characters, rather than a reimagining, is an appreciable approach and does a lot to address a lot of fears and concerns regarding the reboot. I can’t wait to get a full look at the new Robocop design and so far this film is doing everything right. Can’t wait see more, Comic-Con maybe?


Via: Live For Films



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