This is how they brought The Hulk to life in ‘The Avengers’


The Avengers news continues to trickle out with information and footage sure to cram the BluRay release of the film but readily available right now on the interwebs. The most popular featured character in the Avengers roster was Mark Ruffalo and his portrayal of Dr. Bruce Banner/The Hulk. The character was a runaway train in popularity and one of the most entertaining facets of the film. So, how’d they do it? Watch and learn:




The Avengers he Avengers 4-disc 3D Blu-ray combo pack will reportedly arrive on sheleves September 25th.


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4 thoughts on “This is how they brought The Hulk to life in ‘The Avengers’

  1. I really had no other comment other than to say thank you. But, in order to satisfy @TheSnark… oh, sorry, I meant @TheSnitch… let me re-comment.
    Thank you oh so very much,, for sharing this insightful video regarding how the crew behind the movie “The Avengers” went about creating the character The Hulk. The video was very insightful and I found it fascinating, albeit a little short. I do wish the video had been longer and went even more in-depth, but I understand this is beyond your control.
    Keep posting and enlightening the world about the behind-the-scenes of film.
    Awesome & thanks for sharing.

  2. Remember when this website used to get comments that were not just spammers saying “thanks for sharing” The site looks like crap, and the old staff didn’t write trash like “Lindsay Lohans Boobs” as news.   This site died a horrible death with this new owners. 

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