Gary Oldman joins Robocop

Gary Oldman is one of my favorite actors working today. He has a very subdued approach but can be explosive when given the opportunity. It’s been reported that Oldman has joined the cast of Jose Padilha’s upcoming remake of ‘Robocop’ as the scientist responsible for Alex Murphy’s makeover.

Kinnaman plays Alex Murphy who is brought back from the brink of death and turned into a cyborg police officer.

Oldman will play Norton, the scientist who creates Robocop and finds himself torn between the ideals of the machine trying to rediscover its humanity and the callous needs of a corporation.

Great news to me and I like the idea of rounding out the cast with talent. I’m hoping to see some more fresh faces in the film but it’s always good to be grounded with experience.

Source: Dark Horizons

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