New Hunger Games photos online

I’m really trying to get interested in this movie. It’s not easy. Some new hi-res photo’s made their way online that is sure to excite fans of the novels and maintain non-fans disinterest.

Via: Empire
Note – Click to see full size!

Very very uninteresting to me. So far the marketing guys for this movie have not yet captured my interest and this film is about on par with the ‘Twilight’ franchise as far as my radar is concerned (and I never talk about Twilight!). I’ll keep sharing new stuff as it’s available but these guys aren’t making this any easier…

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6 thoughts on “New Hunger Games photos online

  1. I’ve also been skeptical about this movie, but I’m actually in the process of listening to the audiobook. I’m about 2/3 of the way in and I’m enjoying it. The studio has been more cryptic with the marketing on this film and, in a way, I like it. The media is so saturated by Twilight and I’m sick of it! The Hunger Games just gives you a taste and they’re allowing the public look into in for themselves. The studio isn’t forcing it down peoples throats and that’s a nice change. I’m sure promotion will pick up when it gets closer to release. Also, I feel like they’re letting word of mouth and social media do a lot of the work. I’ve only heard good things about the series and that made me want to find out more.

  2. For once I’m kind of glad that they’re not hyping this one to death. There’s a built in fan base with those of us that have read the book and loved it. I only read it because a friend of mine recommended it and I respect their opinion about such things. I’m hoping this film has that same, “Hey, I saw that Hunger Games film and you HAVE to see it” sort of buzz.

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