Media Overload: The Woman in Black

Danielle Radcliffe’s 1st post Potter movie is coming soon and we’ve had a few glimpses of the character.

Via: Kinogallery

These photo’s look a bit more eerie than we’d seen before but still not outright scary. Even with the 5 O’clock shadow I still expect Harry to whip out his wand and perform a patronous spell and be done with this. Either way this film could potentially indicate the future of Dan’s career as to whether he’ll be immortalized as Harry or if he can outgrow the character and be something more… Like Mark Hammill with the Joker.

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3 thoughts on “Media Overload: The Woman in Black

  1. I agree with IncliningPizza. Daniel Radcliffe is often seen as Harry Potter and no expectation for more despite his separate roles in December boys and Equus. Seeing “Harry Potter” in a new role sure makes him known for who he really is and not with the character he portrays.

  2. Good to see this man branching out and showing promise beyond the series that he’s known for.

    Do you know what happened to the movie commentaries for Conan, Transformers, Raiders and TDK?

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