Beetlejuice sequel in the works

There had been mentionings of reboots and remakes of the Beetlejuice franchise for quite a while recently with little to no traction. This isn’t any of those. Instead what is being proposed is an actual, Tim Burton approved, sequel to the crazy but fun 1988 movie and they want Michael Keaton to star!

Source: The Film Stage

DK: We’re not remaking Beetlejuice. People have been very angry about that.
SGS: When Warner Bros. came to us about it, we said the only way we’d do it if we got Tim [Burton’s] blessing and involvement, and we got that, and the star of the movie has to be Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice, and it’s a true continuation 26 years later. Not just throwing him in as a cameo going, “Hey, it’s me. I endorse this movie.” We’re not there yet [with Keaton] because we don’t have a film to present to him.

Thank Goosenips that this isn’t some type of return of “Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian”. Keaton had expressed interest in returning to the role as recently as last year but until they present him with a script and get him to sign on to a legally binding contract then I won’t hold my breath. The character really resonated with me, personally, as I was a kid when the film hit theaters and it was practically cemented in my VCR along with my copy of the original Ghostbusters movie. I’d like to re-visit the character and see if my own kids can muster any type of interest like my own but it’ll take a really good premise for that to work. I’ll keep you guys updated with news, but again… don’t hold your breath.

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5 thoughts on “Beetlejuice sequel in the works

  1. I think Beetlejuice resonated with almost every male kid at the time that movie hit. It was visually amazing and created a disgustingly gross antihero in the process. Plus, the stop motion monster transformation sequences were gruesome but fun for kids as well. I actually loved the design and feeling that the cartoon had and watched that thing to death when it was on.

    Love this idea and if Keaton is in it I’m IN!

  2. Same here with the Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice thing! My two favourite movies as a kid and I’d love to see a sequal to Beetlejuice. The whole tone of the movie is just perfect and a very original take on the afterlife. I love the movie so much and really hope this gets off the ground. However only if Keaton returns, if not don’t even bother!!!

    Still waiting for Ghostbusters 3!!!

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