Anne Hathaway AS Catwoman

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally get a look at Anne Hathaway in FULL Catwoman garb, while hanging around Christian Bale in full Batman garb.

Via: Film Drunk

The suit looks really functional. I really didn’t anticipate the costume actually having any sort of Cat ears on Hathaway’s noggin and presumed they would only refer to the character as Catwoman. I’m still trying to figure out if their inclusion is a good thing or a bad thing. I’m not really sold on the look but I’ll probably dismiss them pretty easily when I sit down and watch the movie.

I like most of the costume as it kinda seems like something a contemporary thief would likely wear when committing their crimes, but some of it just pulls me out of reality. I’m not a fan of the Zorro mask or the ears, but given enough time the mere sight of Hathaway in tight leather washes away any negative criticism,

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17 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway AS Catwoman

  1. Hate the costume michelle pfieffer’s is 100x’s better…
    Who cares if it looks like julie newmars… Really u dont
    See batmans costume looking like its a few decades old

  2. The out fit looks fine, BUT I wish we had more curves to look at and since the “Great Nolan” is doing the darker version of Bat’s I thought we’d get a racier Catwoman and have her look like the slutty versions out there. Anne is too friggin wholesome to convince me at this point on.

    Michelle Strutted and vamped that shit up! I likes!!!1

  3. I agree with Zach, how are 3 inch heels ‘functional’ for a cat burglar. The heels also make her as nearly as tall as Bale, who’s only 6 foot to begin with. Aside from that the costume has a The Avengers/Emma Peel feel to it.

  4. @ Sam: That would make a lot of sense ! I think you are right with that conclusion. It would ecpain the stupid mask because nearly every sidekick of batman had this kind of little to none mask…

    I would be really disappointed if this would be the ultimate cat”woman”.. looks more like a catgirl to me :D

    I want a catwoman like michelle pfeiffer !! she was great

  5. Is it just me, or could the Selina/catwomen character be a cover up for her being Gordon’s daughter/Batgirl? She is after all riding the batpod in most of the pics and also she seems to be in a non-combatal scene with Batman and Gordon from the above pics. Just a thought!

  6. It works for me in the sense that the character is a “vigilante” who doesnt have the resources that Batman does. It makes sense that her costume would be on the more simplistic side

  7. Great article Anthony, and Scott beat me by hours with his find. I was looking at each picture when I first saw this article and I’ve just now seen the evidence in picture 2. So here’s what I’m thinking about the whole Selena/Catwoman question: I’m thinking that Selena will not be concerned about concealing her identity, and Catwoman will probably be a nickname given to her by Mike Engel or perhaps another Gotham media personality. The way they rarely used the Two Face name in The Dark Knight is what gives me my Selena/Catwoman theory. Also have you guys seen the Arkham City scene with Catwoman where Batman address her by Selena?

    Everyone’s replies are awesome by the way, also I’m not to familiar with the comic book story lines, does Selena conceal her identity in the comics?

  8. I think the costume is pretty close to how Catwoman should look. Though I agree that the mask does little to hide her face, I can’t think of any other way for Catwoman to look. I suppose it could be more like a helmet like Batman’s.

    1. Looking closely at the pics, it looks like Scott is right. Besides, didn’t they say as much when the first pics leaked a few weeks ago?
      If that’s the reason for the “cat ears”, I’m totally fine with it.

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