Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman going for a spin

Yesterday we got a first look at the new Man of Steele, today we get this curtesey of EW:

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, stealing/borrowing Batman’s Bike?

Looking good but I am already as excited as I can possibly get for the third and final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies. Let’s be honest this picture would have been much better if Anne was not obstructed by the huge bike!

Update: Now with more pictures!

Source: Collider

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40 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman going for a spin

  1. I hate to break it to yuh felluhs, but this is pretty much how Catwoman looks in the comics today. Then when reboot comes this September, they have her looking a little different than this, so it’s pretty much a done deal with the suit.

  2. I don’t see what the big deal is, I mean, if that kind of head gear was real, all of us would want it, that thing is gonna help her kick ass. And the rest of the costume is great! Anne Hathaway in tights? Do you guys really not like hot girls in tights? It’s going to be a great film, I have faith in Nolan, he hasn’t let anyone down yet.

  3. I watched that Holly Barry Catwoman yesterday. It blows chunks in comparison to anything Nolan even looks at.

    But honestly I’m not too into the Catwoman thing. Bat, as a symbol of fear, incorruptible, yada yada like Wayne said in B. Begins works for me. I buy it. But wtf is Nolan going to do with a cat?

    The way I see it, Catwoman would be that bearded lady who owns 47 cats. Then the government comes in and takes them away. She goes bat-shit (pun) crazy and becomes this super cat lady out of rage and begins a war against the system. Only way to make it work IMO. Nolan is fucked otherwise.

  4. Christopher Nolan knows what he is doing. Remember everyone freaking out when we found out Heath Ledger was going to be the Joker…well look how that turned out. Won an Oscar for it. Relax people. Nolan is going to blow everyones minds with this last Batman.

  5. Remember when we were all a little nervous about a new Joker. Of course, Heath Ledger knocked it out of the park. Even if the same role were played by someone else, (but still a credible actor) the performance would have still been good (just different) because it was written and filmed by NOLAN. He will make sure DKR is awesome. I have no doubts.

  6. haha wow the amount of cry baby fandom is pathetic to hear. You have no clue what so ever wtf is going on here other then AH on a bike, Stop crying and go take a shot…

  7. First off these pictures are suppose to be of Selena Kyle the burglar and not Catwoman yet, so everyone needs to take a frickin chill pill and just relax, why does everyone think Nolan is going to mysteriously screw up the last movie of his Dark Knight Trilogy.

    The guy hasn’t disappointed the fans yet, so until we see and actual major trailer for the film, then all judgements should be reserved until then.

  8. the glasses are from the comics, later comics. she is a thief. the glasses fit. the suit is im sure not made by lucius fox so im not going to trash it. its more low key, which is what i like. catwoman (cat burglar)is what nolan may seem to be heading withthis. i like it, alot. in nolan i trust

    1. HOLY SHIT! I just figured it out! She’s STEALING THE BATPOD! She’s a thief and if this is a shot of her prior to becoming catwoman officially, that would make a ton of sense. dude she’s STEALING HIS BIKE! DUH!

  9. Im starting to think the story will follow the comics somewhat where Bane “breaks the bat” and now Gotham needs a stand in to hold it together while Batman heals…

  10. Let’s take a step back and talk about the motorcycle! Why does catwoman have a motorcycle that looks just like Batman’s? Did he hook her up with it or does she use Lucious Fox for all her gadgets, too?

    1. Why does she have a bike that looks like Batmans? To quote a line from another lady who played Catwoman…

      “Cause it is Batman’s you moron”

      not word for word but you get the idea.

  11. Nolan…why? I’ve been the one saying “In Nolan We Trust” from the start and maybe I am too critical because of the masterpieces you have given us but this has put my faith on shaky ground. I will trust you know what you’re doing but these photos look like they’re from a Spy Kids movie…

    1. Master pieces might be a bit much…..Solid quality sounds better, The Head gear is because they are night scenes shot in daylight perhaps? y’know special effects and all.

      I just wanna ride on the back……ooh la la

  12. this is…

    really bad.

    why is she wearing “Spy Gear” toys on her face?

    Also… the suit is just…no.

    i dont get it. i would say this has to be fake but, it isnt. i thought she would wear a costume lcose to what the league of shadows would wear. ninja/samuray/cat or something… i dont know…

    heres my beef:
    if nolan is so touchy about having ROBIN, how can he allow THIS? I want a cool dark gritty nightwing to help bats. and nolan said he would be too dumb. so i went with it.
    but now he cant really talk about robin after making cat woman looking like Kristen Stweart in “Catch that Kid”

      1. ok lol how can that NOT be the final costume? if it isnt ill be glad and proven wrong. but this picture looks very final.

        dude- this is made of flaw.

        actually i just read Ken’s comment and he sounds like hes got a good point. Maybe shes stealing the Bat Pod in her shitty thief costume and later Bats and Lucius Fox make her a real fucking suit.

      2. well actually when you think about it, batman has bat ears so catwoman should have cat ears or else why would anybody call her catwoman unless they are trying to say she’s like a cat burgler which is a little bit of an outdated term……wait why am i commenting? this isnt even the real movieblog anymore.

    1. what do you guys expecting actually? aside form the obvious absence of cat ears or mask… her suit is close resemblance to her comic version. Maybe she will don her mask/cat ears in next scenes or something. Also this is only a glimpse, maybe in relation of that particular scene she has to adjust things.
      Come to thing, the current catwoman suit feels like a homage to the one on Julie Newmar (old school/campy Batman)

  13. I can see how excited you are about this. You must have gotten a little too excited to post this quickly when typing “installment”. Unless by saying ISNTallment you are implying that you think this isn’t the final Batman film.

    Which is entirely likely. Based on the ever increasingly quick reboots of franchises these days (there needs to be some sort of Moore’s Law for this), I could see reboots or more sequels a few years down the road.

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