Look at Sentinel Prime’s Full Body

We got a glimpse of Sentinel Prime in the teaser trailer and on magazine covers but today we get a good full body look of the latest Bay bot to sport the name ‘Prime’.

Via: Collider

Word on the net is that he will disguise himself as a Fire Truck. This surprisingly does nothing for my ‘radar’. I’ve seen enough robots in the first 2 films that I think I’m actually desensitized by these reveals. Shame. I hope that there’s enough action going on that it negates my desensitized state.

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14 thoughts on “Look at Sentinel Prime’s Full Body

  1. I think what sucked about 2nd tranie was that fact that the never transformed to their vehicles, except for the first fight. Remember the 1st one, they where rolling out all day long! That is what it’s all about. Transforming into cool cars and stuff and fighting it out! 2nd one was all like braveheart with robots!
    and of course to many comic reliefs!

    1. All my friends hated Rodimus Prime. They’d call him Rodimus Slime. These were grown Marines doing this too. I remember me and a friend going to a theater off base and running up to the ticket counter while no one was around so as not to be seen going into a kids movie. We get in the theater and it’s full of kids who are vastly outnumbered by Marines. After we sat down, one Marine turns to me and whispers.”You think the Dinobots are going to be in this movie?” lol People hated Rodimus because no one expected Optimus to die and be replaced. That was the biggest mistake the franchise ever made. That song kinda sucked too!”You’ve got the touch…You’ve got the Powerrrrrr!!!!

      1. Semper Fi to that, I remember getting all my Marines buddies to play G.I. Joes outside the bricks. It was classic. And this was in 04 lol

        But yea I loved the first 20 minutes of the G1 movie. Much like I only love the 20 minutes in each of these movies the Transformers are actualy in.

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