Hammer Wants To Be The Lone Ranger

There are still some actors who want to play alongside Johnny Depp’s Tonto in the planned Lone Ranger movie, and Social Network’s Armie Hammer is one of them.
The Hollywood Reporter gives us the story:

No dealmaking has begun, but Hammer has met with director Gore Verbinski for the role. If all goes well, Hammer would star opposite Johnny Depp, who is playing the Lone Ranger’s partner, Tonto. Jerry Bruckheimer is producing the movie, which has been looking for a star to play the Western hero.

Hammer would be a nice choice, I think. The only odd thing about it- and this is not saying he’s a bad actor or anything, he’s not- but he isn’t a big of a name as Johnny Depp. It would look, shall we say, interesting, if Tonto is billed ahead of The Lone Ranger. Maybe it should just be called Tonto and have The Lone Ranger as the ally/sidekick. Maybe actor top billing isn’t what it used to be. What do I know.

What do you all think? Hammer for The Lone Ranger?

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