‘Monsters’ director may take on Godzilla

The Hollywood reporter is reporting that Gareth Edwards, the director of ‘Monsters’, may take on Legendary Pictures resurrection of the king of all monsters.

The movie got Hollywood ga-ga over the filmmaker, who always intended Monsters to act as a showpiece to attract bigger work, and Legendary execs were no exception. They sought him out, thinking he could be the right man to take their monster into the 21st century.

Edwards will now work with a new yet-to-hired writer on the script. (David Callaham was the original writer.)

I think it’s interesting that this guy is getting to direct a big budget film after releasing a, presumably, impressive indie film. I haven’t seen ‘Monsters’ but if he’s getting the keys to a franchise as well known as Godzilla then I will have to give him the benefit of the doubt. I’m going to keep this movie on my radar and hopefully we get some more details in the near future. Has anyone here seen ‘Monsters’? What do you guys think about this news?

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5 thoughts on “‘Monsters’ director may take on Godzilla

  1. Monsters was horrible!! The worst large-scale monster movie ever made. Two hours of masturbation with zero payoff. U spend two hours waiting for a proper reveal of the monsters and it never ever comes, horrible chemistry between the actors, just a train wreck of a movie. SLightly suspenseful at times but thats all it has in the plus column. He better step up if he’s gonna helm an internationally recognized franchise like Godzilla.

  2. i saw “monsters” and i really enjoyed it. just so you know, there are only two major scenes with monsters in it. but the film is really good story telling. i would like to see this guy play with bigger toys and see what he can do with godzilla

  3. Haven’t seen Monsters either BUT , after re-watching most all Godzilla(Japanese) flicks with my 5 year old this past couple of months I have to say: No Iguanas Please!!!! I dig where the last Hollywood flick was coming from BUT it killed the whole “Godzilla” mystic and made it just another Monster Flick. The thing is: the “guy in a suit” is what makes it cool, fun, classic, and a blast (for me anyways).

    Godzilla Final Wars had both it seemed- a robotic one and a guy in a suit and looked pretty good. the sets looked great BUT, Rubber suit is king!

    If they go all CGI then why not have it resemble the classic style?

    thats what I’m hoping for.

    1. Agree with you totally, I am on board with CGI as long as they can make the look more classic style. The Giant Iguana was more a monster movie and had nothing to do with Godzilla.

      I too grew watching and loving the Japanese (Godzilla) movies and its just stuck in my head that they do it right.

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