Lethal Weapon Up For Reboot at WB…some others too

Warner Bros has just announced that a number of films they have in their vaults are about to get an overhaul. One of them, Lethal Weapon, is a top priority- and Mel Gibson won’t cameo. Or Danny Glover. In fact- NONE of the cast *or* their characters will be back.

Cinemaspy reports:

The reboot has been pitched as a hard, edgy, street cop movie…with a R-rating. Last year there was talk about a fifth ‘Lethal Weapon’ film from Shane Black, who had written the script and was also planning to direct. That concept is dead now, however, as the studio goes in a completely new direction with the franchise.

The reason for the reboot and other planned remakes (Westworld, The Wild Bunch, Oh God!, and Dirty Dozen among them) is due to one common factor. There is a huge shakeup of executives at WB. These are some of the known pitches on the table since the new blood has taken the corner offices. I hope this slate does not overwhelm or undermine other projects.

But I get this nasty vibe…

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