Tim Burton Working on Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel? [UPDATED]

One of the most successfull stop motion animation films ever, The Nightmare Before Christmas, could be getting a sequel, if an unnamed source is to believed.

Bloody-Disgusting reports

An unnamed source over at Dread Central claims to have spoken directly with Paul “Pee Wee Herman” Reubens regarding his forthcoming East Coast stage show. When asked if Reubens would ever work again with director Tim Burton – who directed Pee Wee’s Big Adventure – he revealed that Burton is (finally) secretly working on a sequel to his stop-motion masterpiece The Nightmare Before Christmas

I have mixed feelings about this. It could end up being a heartless cash in. Disney knows how loved the film is, and that its fans will snap up anything under the ‘Nightmare..’ banner, especially another film. But if they bring back all the original ingredients like Deane Taylor for art direction and of course Danny Elfman for the score, theres no reason why this shouldnt be amazing.

I have faith that if Tim Burton IS in fact making a sequel, he wouldn’t do so without having some great ideas in that crazy head of his. He wouldn’t let all those fans down… would he?
Of course, this is just a rumour, so take it all with a grain of salt.

Turns out it WAS just a rumour after all.

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Derek Frey, producer and executive at Tim Burton Productions—who worked as an assistant to Burton on “Mars Attacks!,” “Sleepy Hollow,” “Planet of the Apes,” “Big Fish” and the 2006 3D version of a little film called “The Nightmare Before Christmas”—has told us there is “no truth to the rumor” and expressed gratitude for squashing the rumor quickly. The prospect of a sequel seems reasonable considering the single film has become a merchandising machine, but with Tim Burton busy prepping “Dark Shadows” and producing “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” it seems that for now he has his hands full (and that’s not even counting the myriad projects he has in development like “Monsterpocalypse” and the “Addams Family”).

Shame, but I like to hope the idea is in their minds now.

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